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[Key Points] Huiju | Qiu ZiFu: Discussion on the design of car-t cell treatment and purification system


[Key Points] Huiju | Qiu ZiFu: Discussion on the design of car-t cell treatment and purification system

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On April 9, the fifth online seminar of "know the time online" of TianJuShi Group was successfully held. Qiu JiFu, a medical and chemical design expert and chief engineer of Shanghai Design and Research Institute of TianJuShi Group, was invited to discuss the design of car-t cell treatment and purification system, aiming at the hot issues such as the layout design of car-t cell operation area, how to reduce or avoid the impact of the start and stop of biosafety cabinet on the room pressure difference, and how to effectively reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning system in car-t cell operation area Explore.

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Point 1: what are the characteristics of the process layout design of car-t cell operation area?


The flow of people and logistics is one-way flow with clear flow direction.

It is beneficial to control cross contamination.



Point 2 what are the strategies and advantages and disadvantages of the system division of car-t cell therapy production?


Each car-t operation room is equipped with an independent purification air conditioning system, which is conducive to the control of cross pollution, but the initial investment is large.

Multiple car-t operating rooms share a set of purification air conditioning system, with less initial investment, but increased operating energy consumption.



Point 3: what energy saving measures can be taken for car-t cell treatment production purification system?


An intermediate heat medium type heat recovery system is set between the new air and exhaust air to recover the cooling capacity in summer and heat in winter.

A heat pipe is arranged at the front and back of the surface cooling coil tube to reduce the cooling capacity and reheat in summer.

Duty mode can be used to reduce the energy consumption during discontinuous use.