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Blue Blood Expert丨Zhou Lanxia:Competing With A Hundred Flowers Spread The Stars All Over The Sky


Blue Blood Expert丨Zhou Lanxia:Competing With A Hundred Flowers Spread The Stars All Over The Sky

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Don't say that women are not heroes. The heroine Qiu Jin makes the image of women change in people's hearts, and the power of "she" is also appearing around us from generation to generation. Zhou Lanxia, her life is more and more full in the challenge and experience again and again. She is the executive deputy general manager, technical director and project director of tianjushi pharmaceutical engineering design company.Winner of "outstanding scientist Award" of tianjushi group. Her original intention is her dream, carefulness is her benchmark, patience is her mind, and ingenuity is her future. She is good at design, drawing the best journey of medicine in the ever-changing chemical reactions. ——Preface

Zhou Lanxia

Date of birth: March 1982

Graduated from: Environmental Engineering Major of Shandong University

Title: Senior Engineer, registered chemical engineer, registered fire engineer, deputy director of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Expert Committee of International Pharmaceutical Project Management Association, executive deputy general manager of pharmaceutical engineering design company of tianjushi group, project leader, expert of Hebei Construction Engineering Fire Design Review and acceptance expert database, member of tianjushi science and technology Committee.



Original intention·Set out for a dream

On July 13, 2001, Beijing was declared to be the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games. Zhou Lanxia, who had just finished the college entrance examination, was also excited about the success of her motherland's bid for the Olympic Games. In her heart, a force of dedication to the beautiful construction of our motherland made her choose the major of environmental engineering when she applied for the volunteer.


During her college years, Zhou Lanxia was deeply impressed by her enthusiasm for work and her sincere love and encouragement for her students. In this course, her final exam score was close to the full mark. Influenced and influenced by her teachers, her love for the course of engineering drawing also laid the foundation for her design career.

Conscientiousness·Growing up

In 2005, after graduation, Zhou Lanxia chose to return to her hometown and became a workshop production technician of Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group. She had a basic understanding of pharmaceutical production and deeply liked this industry. One year later, she successfully joined a design company through social recruitment. She began to engage in design work, and from then on, she began to go further and further on the road of pharmaceutical engineering design.


The vaccine workshop project of Beijing Zhifei Lvzhu biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first large-scale clean workshop project she is responsible for as the process director. In 2010, when she was just eight or nine months old, she was assigned to Beijing to take charge of this project. This is a high-end project covering water injection, injection, freeze-dried injection, pre filled injection and other full dosage forms. For her, the overall scheme design of the four floor preparation building is self-evident challenging. Once, due to the adjustment of the owner's needs and ideas, the design scheme repeatedly revised and communicated before was overturned again, and the new scheme needed to be discussed at the meeting the next day. That night, she and the project team worked all night in the owners' meeting room to change the new scheme, which eventually won the approval of the owners. She deeply realized that the design must objectively stand in the perspective of the owners to think about the problem, since then for the design more handy.

meticulously·In full bloom

Qilu Anti Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. aseptic workshop expansion project let her design level once again refined. This project is positioned as a world-class aseptic workshop project. After the completion of the project, several "first in China" have been realized. In the early stage of the project, as the person in charge of process design, she was bound with the owner, forming a customer relationship of "Party A and Party B are also comrades in arms". She always considered the problems from the perspective of the owner and provided many advanced design concepts for the project.

In terms of the design idea of sterile API workshop, she and the project team boldly innovated and adopted the vertical through layout of human logistics. On the basis of meeting the basic requirements of GMP specification, it not only solves the problems of personnel waste caused by the upper and lower level personnel of the same clean level changing clothes respectively and the same operator changing clothes repeatedly in the vertical layout of GMP workshop logistics, but also greatly reduces the number of workers in the clean area, the unnecessary clean changing area and the production energy consumption. "A GMP workshop with double vertical through layout of people flow" compiled in this way has won the national utility model patent (Patent No.: ZL 2019 2 0580336.6)

The traditional clean workshop technology interlayer includes process, water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, electrical, automation, communication and other professional pipes or bridges, which are usually arranged in layers, and are generally installed by hangers or supports, so the required storey height is higher, and some pipes and room roof are far away from the superstructure beam, which has the problem of long hangers. In order to solve these problems, she adopted a kind of support structure in the design, which not only ensures that the maintenance personnel entering the technical mezzanine will not meet, but also can solve the problems of narrow space of technical mezzanine and steel waste caused by the long hanger of pipe and room roof when the height of the clean workshop is high. Later, "a supporting structure for pipes and room roof of clean workshop" compiled in this way won the national utility model patent (Patent No.: ZL 2019 2 0738336.6)

After a series of continuous improvement design, the production of cephalosporin API of the project is in the leading position in China, and the project has successfully passed the GMP certification of China and 10 certification certificates of FDA and EDQM of EU in December 2018. In addition, he has also won many awards, such as the 2017 Sino US energy management demonstration project, the special green pharmaceutical Award for China's chemical pharmaceutical industry, the leed-nc V4 gold certificate issued by the US Green Building Council, and the first prize of Hebei excellent engineering survey and design industry award.


Serious heart·it 's perfection itself

Tianke (Jingzhou) Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. green pharmaceutical industry base makes her wings fuller. Zhou Lanxia is the deputy commander in chief and design director of Tianke project. This is an EPC project, and the project is located in a green and intelligent API factory. Compared with traditional design projects, EPC projects emphasize the leading role of design in the whole project construction, such as communicating with technicians in the early stage of the project to formulate design ideas; considering future product expansion and capacity expansion in the design to meet the needs of the owner's medium and long-term development; closely connecting with engineers and technicians in the late stage of design, comprehensively guiding the construction in the construction process, etc. The requirements for designers are not only professional, but also comprehensive.

In addition to these challenges, the design technical problems are also one after another. In the design of Gliquidone / pyrazine production line, due to process adjustment, the original double cone drying equipment needs to be changed into 8 vacuum drying ovens. However, piling has been carried out at the construction site at that time. In order to avoid affecting the construction progress, the simplest solution is to directly expand the clean area and put all the vacuum drying oven equipment in the clean area. The design engineer changed the scheme according to the requirements, but Zhou Lanxia found that although the modification could meet the process production, it would greatly affect the maintenance and visiting effect of the equipment, expand the area of many clean areas, and cause the waste of energy consumption. Zhou Lanxia insisted on the adjustment of the scheme, and everyone thought hard, so the design was in trouble. After knowing this, she changed the plan in only two hours. The adjusted plan not only met the requirements of the process, but also took into account the requirements of equipment maintenance and visit.


Real technology is also reflected in the details of the control and excellence. Because of the limitation of the clean area, the traditional electric hoist should not be used, but the more scientific gravity flow should be used. The design engineer added a hoist between the centrifuge and the reactor. Zhou Lanxia took the rotation diameter and operation space of the hoist into consideration when reviewing the drawings, and personally drew the drawings to verify the feasibility of the scheme. It was found that the scheme could not be realized. Therefore, the overall adjustment plan was determined to completely break the floor limit and adjust the reaction process that needs wet material transfer to the upper and lower vertical blanking. There are a lot of things like this that test both carefulness and professionalism. Zhou Lanxia "saved the day" in design.

Careful·Mission Tuition

In the production workshop and supporting facilities project of Hubei Yike Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd, she taught by words and deeds. As the project leader, she used her own actions to tell the "apprentices" what Shi Qing counted horses and was meticulous.

From the preliminary plan, feasibility study report and construction drawing design, Zhou Lanxia carefully reviewed every design drawing and every detail except the project schedule and management. For example, the pipeline characteristic table of the project and the table of four designers add up to about 2000 pipes, and she would check them one by one. For the whole project, she is very strict in both macro management and detail control.

In addition to organizing internal professional training and exchanges, Zhou Lanxia also used industry forums to share experience and promote the development of the industry. In November 2020, at the summit forum of "full life cycle design, automation and environmental protection of characteristic API factory" sponsored by the 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo, Zhou Lanxia systematically shared the characteristics, development trend, layout characteristics and design points of characteristic API workshop around the characteristic API project, and had a face-to-face interview with industry personnel To promote the design level of pharmaceutical industry.

patience·Selfless dedication

Everyone plays a different role in the society, and there is an identity that is 365 days without pay but needs to pay 1000% patience and sweat. This identity is mother. As the mother of two children, Zhou Lanxia left her spare time for her two babies. Even if she came home late, she had to take time to chat with them more. She would not interfere too much in the children's interests. Her daughter did not know whether she was influenced by her mother's painting, and she also loved painting.


ingenuity·Fearless to move forward

Recently, the International Pharmaceutical Project Management Association (Ippm) awarded Zhou Lanxia the honorary post of deputy director of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Expert Committee. More and more people have seen the growing power of women in her. In the work experience again and again, her professional technology has become more mature, and her leadership thinking has gradually improved.

Zhou Lanxia has been engaged in survey and design work for 15 years. Her projects cover more than half of China, involving biopharmaceuticals, sterile preparations, oral preparations, fermentation APIs, synthetic APIs and other pharmaceutical industry segments. A drawing depicts her craftsmanship and the future of the pharmaceutical industry. It's her goal to meet a better self. It's her wish to cultivate a batch of talents with excellent professional skills. It's our common expectation to go on together with the times. The road is long and impenetrable. If you are not afraid to move forward, you will come.