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Collective learning week 2020


Collective learning week 2020

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Under the epidemic situation, when it is impossible to walk and measure the earth, it is the best way to talk to the world by combing common sense and insights from books. In the golden autumn of October, the 2020 collective learning week of tianjushi group came as scheduled. In such a special period, 50 middle and senior managers above the level of M12 gathered in the cloud and started the journey of charging and transformation together by reading Xue Zhaofeng's economics handout, a popular science book of popular economy.

Economics is a kind of wisdom to help people become aware of people. It is a perspective and attitude to observe the world, rather than a pile of functions, formulas and charts. Xue Zhaofeng's lecture notes on economics was written by Xue Zhaofeng, a famous Chinese economist. This book explains the core concepts of economics that can't be bypassed in life, such as scarcity, cost, price, transaction, information asymmetry, income and other knowledge closely related to personal life. Through the economic analysis of a large number of real cases, it is more practical, more interesting, more in-depth and thorough Economic thinking is used in various practical scenarios to help people bypass the economic tricks and understand the economic logic behind the phenomenon, so as to inspire the public to apply the same thinking to their daily life and work.


During the 8-day study, we have a deep understanding of the contents of the book, and have also triggered in-depth thinking on enterprise management, project management and other issues. Golden sentences appear frequently. The following are excerpts of the collective learning members' impressions after reading the book (regardless of the order)

Individual attributes emphasize freedom, while social attributes emphasize control (hindering individual freedom in a narrow sense). Human society moves forward in the alternation between freedom and control.

——Chen Ping

Customers need services that can create value for them. Only high-level design supplemented by good service attitude can provide good design services and realize the profit of resources.

——Chen Yu

Huangshi said in the last century that talent is the most important thing in the 21st century. Talent will become expensive because of its scarcity. Therefore, it is very necessary for us to plan for 100 talents. To absorb talents, respect talents and make this scarcity no longer expensive is what we should do now.

——Ding Zhijie

Whether it is economic thinking or any other thinking, the important thing is that when facing things, we should not simply be influenced by feelings, public opinions and media. We should analyze and judge rationally according to the nature of events, so as to get a relatively objective judgment and guide action.

——Dong Wenliang

Looking at the world from an individual's perspective, scarcity, choice, cost and demand come to us. If we change the perspective and focus on the relationship between people, then competition and cooperation is the best summary.

——Du joint venture

It is easy to feel sorry for the wrong direction when making decisions. It is important to remember that "sunk costs are not costs. Expenses that have occurred but are not recoverable are not costs. Cost is looking forward, not backward.


China is a humanized country with a deeply rooted cultural history of five thousand years. From management to business, there is a humanized "plot". We want to break this "shackle", speak with our own hard power, speak with professional level, look at problems from a different angle, and deal with problems in a different way. It seems that many problems are difficult to overcome, but as long as we have a good grasp of the methods, we should also break the "shackles" It's easy to get a clear idea.


——Guo Lei

Internally, the technical, design, procurement, construction and other departments must provide stable output to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the whole system.

——Han Xingjie

Because it is effective, it is fair, and it is not the efficiency of individual, but the efficiency of the long-term development of the whole society. I understand the above essence of corporate culture and management philosophy, and all colleagues are actively making efficient efforts for the healthy development of the company and even for the society. I have no reason not to try my best to do so.

——Han Yongcai

The creation and coverage of our full professional chain is our very distinctive feature. Our ability to provide EPC services has also been recognized by the market. We need to further transform and implement this recognition into the intuitive performance of the project, accurately reflect the quality of our "goods" and become the seller with dominant market position.

——Hou Jia

Is the power of the centrists terrible? It is an indisputable fact that truth is sometimes in the hands of a few people. Einstein's theory of relativity has been proved by only three people in the world.

——Li Xiangke

We may think that business is cold and does not pay attention to human relations. In fact, the natural law is very cold. Judging from the yardstick of adapting to survival and improving survival rate, the market-oriented competition mechanism is the greatest charity and the warmest love.

——Liang Hongyu

The members of an enterprise must be highly complementary. In the process of introducing, evaluating and motivating talents, the complementarity of talents should be one of the most important dimensions for us. Highly complementary talents should be more inclusive to make the operation of enterprises more organic and efficient.

——Liu Song

The formulation of economic policies should consider the role of promoting the whole society. What is applicable to individuals is not necessarily applicable to all. The same is true of the decision-making process of enterprises. Managers' cognition should be at one level, and they always want to change the way of handling cases into policies, which is the logic synthesis fallacy.

——Liu Jintao

Only by respecting the income of labor can private property be protected, and the environment for people to create wealth fairly can be guaranteed. The wealth of others can be respected. It is a universal view of justice.

——Liu Xinfeng

We should be a person with the ability to make money by taking advantage of the opportunity, and have keen insight and judgment on the market. It's right, but not entirely right, everything should be paid attention to a "degree", and then "environment". Different environments, stages and current needs will have different values.


——Liu Yanyan

If the formulation and distribution of any system can be well implemented, we need our middle and senior management to train, supervise and check and correct errors. Only in this way can our work be well implemented and implemented.

——Ma Zhimin

Through the "high quality products" to effectively establish the trust between the buyer and the seller; from the buyer's point of view, the price performance ratio is the quality. The same is true for enterprises. Our group is committed to building a leader in EPC Construction of domestic pharmaceutical projects. We must provide customers with high-quality products and services. This is the basis for building trust between us and owners in the fierce market competition. Only in this way can we develop faster and better.

——Ma Zhongqing

It's not just profit that motivates the business world, but social responsibility and a sense of honor, as well as unbearable compassion for its peers.

——Ni Cheng

The marginal contribution of a single member mainly depends on the comprehensive quality, comprehensive ability and level of each person, which is determined by the comprehensive factors such as personal social background, educational background, intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, etc. Insight into the development trend of the industry depends on the leadership of the group leaders. The group's soul group in the field of medicine and pharmaceutical environmental protection is the core of the group's marketing, technological innovation and brand building. The group's core forces provide the company with brand building capacity, marketing ability and production capacity to continuously provide high-quality EPC services for the implementation of the group's EPC strategy Personal intellectual contribution; all levels of professional and technical personnel in the process of specific engineering design and construction to submit reasonable, accurate and no regrets. This is the basic obligation of every member of the group.

——Pan Houchang

As long as the promising and skilled people are inferior to all others in absolute ability according to the principle of comparative advantage, they will be able to find their own comparative advantages and improve their lives through division of labor and cooperation.

——Qiao Xin

In terms of professional attitude, we need to abide by professional ethics and improve professional concentration. A job, not simple, I work for you, you pay me. Everyone who works is making a contribution to the development and progress of society and creating personal value and social value at the same time.

——Qiu Zifu

No matter what words and slogans are important, we should attach importance to those inherent laws of economic development and respond to them. Whether the behavior packaged by language conforms to the law of economic development is important.


Human beings do not want to protect the environment at all costs. We need to drink water, we need to eat food, meat, eggs and fish. All we do is compete with the natural environment for resources, which is the destruction of the natural environment. The key issue is the amount of damage and the extent to which it can be repaired to ensure sustainable human development.

——Sun Xiaolin

Economics is everywhere, and all people's behaviors can be explained by economic theory, including the phenomenon that seems to be contrary to one's wishes, which is reasonable in the view of economics.

——Tian Linsheng

Market regulation is the spontaneous regulation of the law of value. The implementation of market economy is more in line with the law of economic activities, and it is also a necessary guarantee for the efficient operation of economy.

——Wang Jing

It's not that people are born with a broad mind and people don't discriminate against others. They are used to it in the competition.


——Wang Xiao

When we make a rule or make a choice, we should not only see the impact on the time, but also the possible impact of the rule or choice on the future: whether it reduces efficiency in the long run.

——Wang Zhen

We should use our limited time and energy to allocate time, energy and other resources according to the law of marginal balance among all the fields, activities and options that we can involve, so as to maximize the total utility.

——Wang Hongzhi

In daily work, we should pay attention to communication, information exchange and sharing. In communication, we should have a clear goal, pay attention to the communication of information, thoughts and emotions, and ultimately need to reach mutual recognition consensus. In this situation and environment, information can be effectively understood and implemented.

——Wang Lifeng

A viable EPC company, I think, in addition to completing the work required by itself with high standards, it also needs to be like 4 × 100 meters. Each handover should be mutual trust, both sides should be proficient, they should have the mentality of thinking from the other side's point of view, and feedback problems should be summarized and improved in time.

——Wu Shaohua

Information asymmetry is an objective existence, the huge cost of thorough elimination is unbearable, as long as we find the most appropriate cost-effective products.

——Wu Yafeng

In the future, the technical requirements of new projects will change from simple end treatment to complex resource-based construction. Tianjushi group has EPC process experts, design institutes and environmental protection division technology, which can naturally make up for the gap and span of these different specialties. This kind of joint force is our biggest competitiveness in the future environmental protection management market.

——Xing Jiafeng

In the actual work and life, it may be difficult to quantify the cost, probability and loss of accidents, which requires a large number of cases to obtain more accurate data. However, Hand formula still has important guiding significance in our project management.

——Xu Jifeng

The bargaining power of both sides of the transaction depends on the relative flexibility of both the demander and the supplier. Whoever has the lower flexibility and the more urgent demand for the transaction will pay more.

——Xu Chenqing

Although the selling price of the middleman is much higher than the ex factory price, if we consider the communication, logistics and time cost of individuals and enterprises, the existence of middlemen can save us a lot of total costs.

——Xue long

Sometimes we are habitual thinking, always think of some things as black or white, either wrong or right. After learning this chapter, my conclusion is that no matter what kind of problems we encounter, we must combine the background of things and the occupation of things to be handled to objectively analyze them. Some things under certain historical conditions, certain space and time dimensions, and certain political background may be different cognition?

——Yang Tao

From the perspective of economics, "cost is the biggest price given up". Any resource will have (certain) or imaginary (uncertain) options. The cost of the selected option is the one with the highest value among all the options given up.

——Yao Li

On the other hand, we should improve the marginal communication efficiency of our team, and on the other hand, we should improve our team's communication skills. These should be converted into the conscious action of each of our employees, so that our benefits can be maximized. The efficiency and efficiency of enterprises are linked with our way of thinking and behavior.

——Yao Zhenyong

With the healthy development of the enterprise, the overall project management ability, quality system, standardization, technical level and vision of the enterprise team will be greatly improved. At the same time, there are also a group of people who have made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of the enterprise. It is very important and we must have the ability to accurately distinguish outstanding performance in the team and promote the healthy development of the enterprise Those who are active, enhance their personal value.

——Yue Zongli

From the perspective of corporate culture and system, our system culture should always be able to create an environment of telling the truth, doing practical things, and daring to take responsibility. Our reward and punishment system should be fair and just, so that every member can think and solve problems with the attitude of being a master at the right time.

——Zhang Lizhi

Repeat transaction, in fact, is in our original market development, constantly repeat our business interaction with owners.

——Zhang Lianwei

Through this collective study, I have become more rational and transparent. My life is sunny and orange is brilliant. I hope that through continuous learning, we can fight against the uncertainty of the future with the long-term principle of our constant learning. We can win our beautiful and transparent future through continuous management organization, business trust and business value.


——Zhang Xinqiao

In the bidding process, the bidders actively contribute the real information based on the premise of "incentive compatibility" and "personal rationality". However, it is difficult for the supply and demand sides to achieve "incentive compatibility" for a long time, and "personal rationality" is assumed. Therefore, it is difficult to complete the transaction between the supply and demand sides under the condition of information symmetry As an independent variable, I think it needs to be subdivided and carefully selected. We should pay attention to the change of demand elasticity, do marginal analysis before providing information, and consider the impact of time dimension on marginal utility.

——Zhang Yujun

The internal logic is often very simple, but when facing specific cases and affairs, people often mix in various personal feelings and emotions, which makes things become biased and even complicated. Only by digging into the internal logic behind the phenomenon can we find a solution.

——Zhou Lanxia

"Those who are like-minded will not be far away from mountains and seas." In this special collective learning week, these people with ideals, on the road of self-improvement and pursuit of excellence, shed the glory of the past, stand on a new starting point, explore the unknown, the new is the way, high-five forward, leaving us with valuable ideological enlightenment. When the season is possible, TOS looks forward to the cloud and looks forward to the collective learning week next year...


Related links: knowledge is the armed force of enterprise management, the engine of enterprise development and the source of enterprise growth. The senior learning week of tianjushi group started in 2006, and it is the 14th session, rain or shine. Every year, senior collective learning will learn a classic management book and several classic management literature. Business mirror of party history; 2007, talking about management on paper; 2008, winning the Red Sea; 2009, criticism of China's private enterprises; 2010, the second cycle; 2011, Inamori talks about oriental management philosophy; 2012, performatism destroys Sony; 2013, choosing excellence; 2014, the heart of change; 2015, the way to lead; 2016, from excellence to excellence In this paper, we will discuss the following topics: leadership in 2017; implicit leadership in 2018; beyond performance: organizational health is more important than performance. In the course of one week, we focused on the cases and viewpoints in the book, combined with our own work practice, deeply analyzed and converted what we learned into effective working methods and learning results.