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Chongqing pharmaceutical machinery exhibition


Chongqing pharmaceutical machinery exhibition

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Shuangjiang meets Bayu and welcomes visitors from all directions. From November 3 to 5, tianjushi group, the leader of pharmaceutical engineering EPC, took part in the 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition") with brand-new exhibits and a team of technical experts.



The c-spot appeared in the audience

This exhibition is located in the first International Pavilion of the core exhibition hall. It creates a high-end exhibition stand in the international style and becomes a beautiful landscape of the International Pavilion.


Innumerable customers stop at the display sand table of pharmaceutical and environmental protection general contracting projects elaborately built by tianjushi group. Whether it is the scientific layout of the overall planning of the medical sand table, or the demonstration of the advanced three wastes treatment and energy saving technology of the environmental protection sand table; whether it is the detailed description of the plant interior of the medical sand table, or the dazzling display of the photoelectric simulation of the sewage and waste gas of the environmental sand table. All of them show the ability and strength of tianjushi to provide one-stop solution for the construction of pharmaceutical facilities.

The international exhibition area gathered many well-known automation engineering service providers at home and abroad to compete on the same stage. Based on years of self-control engineering experience, tianjushi has carefully prepared three-dimensional demonstration video of chemical synthetic API process automation, and selected typical control unit design, including semi-automatic control of dissolution, extraction phase separation, concentration and crystallization units, and multi variety and full-automatic control demonstration through batch. Through the wonderful explanation of professional engineers, tianjushi has delivered the day to the market The strongest voice of the leader of automation engineering service.


Expert lecturer academic sharing

Over the years, tianjushi group has always been committed to the promotion and sharing of industry technology. Qiu Jifu, chief engineer of tianjushi Shanghai Design and Research Institute, was invited by the host to share the "energy saving trends and hot spots of purification system of biopharmaceutical production facilities" at the international forum "biopharmaceutical production forum". He shared the successful experience of drug facility construction and discussed the new technology for the audience with Junshi biology, Jiahe biology and Yaoming biology Application and development in pharmaceutical production. As one of the most important forums of this pharmaceutical machinery exhibition, the participation of tianjushi is not only an affirmation of the industry's technical strength, but also the practice of our concept of leading the development of pharmaceutical engineering with technology.

At the same time, the summit forum of "whole life cycle design, automation and environmental protection of characteristic API factory" sponsored by tianjushi successfully detonated the whole forum, attracting more than 150 audience to attend the meeting, creating an academic feast. Zhou Lanxia, executive deputy general manager of Group Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Yue Zongli, general manager of automatic control business department, and Ma Zhongqing, deputy general manager of environmental protection business department, had a face-to-face with the audience from three aspects: design points of characteristic API workshop, automatic solution of chemical synthesis API, and application of electrocatalytic oxidation technology in purification of miscellaneous salts In the face of the collision of wisdom, many audiences still went to the sky Club booth for further in-depth exchange, and they still had much to do with the wonderful sharing of the lecturers.





Exclusive interview with the media

Honor witnesses strength and exchanges promote development. As a well-known pharmaceutical and chemical design expert and industry leader in China, Wu Yafeng, President of tianjushi group, was invited to participate in the interview with CIPM. He made in-depth discussion and exchange on the development and advantages of tianjushi EPC general contracting mode, and his opinions and directions on the future trend of the industry, so as to let more outstanding pharmaceutical enterprises and excellent equipment enterprises understand the company and work together for the development of the industry power.


During the exhibition in Chongqing, Tianqi was also interviewed by many media and associations. Pharmaceutical industry, a well-known industry magazine for pharmacists sponsored by Fugo industrial media and Machinery Industry Information Research Institute, and Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association, which is committed to promoting the development of industrial cleaning field, interviewed Zhang Lizhi, vice president and chief designer Ding Zhijie, and Cheng song, director of marketing department, respectively, on the technological changes and projects in the industry We have made in-depth exchanges and reports on practice and future development.


The 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo has come to an end. The meeting is always short, but the pace of progress has never stopped.


Because of Chongqing, let's have a happy time together;


Because of friendship, let's get closer to each other;


Because tomorrow, let's look forward to the next meeting.


Wonderful moment