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The first engineering project management training course of Tianjushi group has come to a successful conclusion


The first engineering project management training course of Tianjushi group has come to a successful conclusion

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In order to meet the requirements of the company's strategic development, further improve the level of project management, timely summary of key work and re-inventory. On October 7 and 8, Tianjushi Group held a two-day Training Course on engineering project management. A total of 23 key managers from all branches and branches of the group participated in the training.

Tianjushi Group Engineering Project Management Training Course (first phase)

Prior to the training, Liu Song, vice chairman of the group, said in a mobilization speech: the Project Department is the most basic unit of enterprise management, is the blood forming machine of the enterprise, and the project manager is the soul of the project department, shouldering the heavy responsibility of project fulfillment, creating profit, building brand, team building, business development, and extending market, we should face up to our own gaps and deficiencies at this stage, and regain the excellent management experience inherited from time to time, to better fulfill the management responsibilities of the project manager.

Liu Song, Vice Chairman of the group made a speech at the opening ceremony

The two-day training took the form of intensive lectures, exchange of experiences and case discussions, participants discussed the project budget and settlement management, Group Strategic Development Direction, business organization model, project manager's responsibility and positioning.

Group Vice President Ma Zhimin sharing on budget and settlement management

Ma Zhimin, vice president of the group, said in the sharing of budget and settlement management that the creation of project profits should be considered from both strategic and tactical levels, and the approach is to open up sources and cut costs. The concept of full-process settlement should be included in every stage of the project's progress, pay attention to the production and filing of settlement data.


Group vice-chairman Liu Songzuo group strategy and organizational structure interpretation related sharing

In order to help project managers better understand the strategic thinking at the top of the group, Liu Song, vice chairman of the group, was trained to carry out a detailed interpretation of the group's strategy and organizational structure, on the independent operation of the division, the development of the group platform, mode of production and other issues, we have also contributed their views.

Group director and Executive Vice President Liu Jintao shared his responsibilities and positioning as project manager

At the end of the training, Liu Jintao, director and Executive Vice President of the group, made an in-depth analysis of some problems in the current stage of project management of the group from the perspective of reflection and renegotiation, at the same time, he put forward higher expectation and request to the role of project manager, the efficiency of project operation and the innovative thinking of project manager.

Two days of training and discussion, two days of exchange and integration of ideas, we speak freely, have expressed their ideas and ideas on project management, the harvest is quite fruitful, especially in understanding the group's management ideas, learning and learning excellent project management experience, update and improve their own management concept, have been significantly improved. It is hoped that through this training, the project manager can apply in the future work, improve the performance and profitability, apply the knowledge to the project site, learn to promote learning, overall improvement, transfer management ideas to the project team; Actively embrace change, adapt to change, learn advanced, to the first-class standard, to promote the level of project management.



Participants will speak and discuss

Group photo of the personnel of the Engineering Project Management Training Course (first phase) of Tianjushi group