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Tianqishi group cooperates with Fugo pharmaceutical Forum


Tianqishi group cooperates with Fugo pharmaceutical Forum

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From September 20 to 21, 2020, the 12th fogo Pharmaceutical Engineering International Forum was held in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. This forum is jointly held by Fugo industrial media and Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech Zone to promote innovation and integration Under the theme of "pursuit of excellence", we provide pharmaceutical professionals with the opportunity to participate in the discussion and learning of key issues in the industry, invite decision-making personnel of the whole industry chain of the pharmaceutical industry to learn and discuss the problems and solutions in the development of China's pharmaceutical industry, and fully appreciate the innovative ideas and practices in the global pharmaceutical industry in terms of the latest policies and regulations, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and quality control More than 1000 medical practitioners were attracted to participate.

As the EPC leader of medicine and environmental protection engineering, tianqishi group has been devoted to participate in this event. The group marketing center and design company colleagues share industry insights, demonstrate exemplary cases and talk about the leading figures in the industry, and attract many pharmaceutical manufacturers to visit and shine on the forum.

Meeting to talk about development

In order to promote the exchange and interaction of high-end talents in the industry, Fugo forum held a closed door dinner. Zhang Lizhi, vice president of the group and deputy general manager of the marketing center, was invited to attend the dinner. At the banquet, Zhang Lizhi introduced the future development plan and direction of tianjushi group to the leaders from Taizhou high tech Zone Management Committee, China Pharmaceutical Association and other government and association leaders, jiankangyuan, Changzhou siyao and other pharmaceutical enterprises, and jointly congratulated the successful holding of the forum.

Professional strength

As a company with rich plant building experience and design ability, Peng Ting, vice president of the group and general manager of pharmaceutical design company, was invited to participate in an exclusive interview with leading enterprises in the industry. Through the introduction of the group's milestone project, more medical professionals can have a detailed understanding of the international vision and innovative ideas in the field of design.

Friends come from all directions

This forum is a conference supported by Taizhou pharmaceutical high tech Zone. More than 1000 pharmaceutical enterprises attended the forum, and there was an endless stream of people on the exhibition stand of tianjushi. The group's marketing elites, design experts and customers had in-depth exchanges. For example, the guests of pharmaceutical factories such as arabindu, oukangweishi, Suzhou Sinochem, Zhengda Tianhai, Hubei Yingke, Chongqing Jiyu biology and other pharmaceutical factories benefited greatly from the exchange Housing construction one-stop solution has a deeper understanding.

Academic exchanges

At the sub venue of "biopharmaceutical" of the forum, Ding Zhijie, vice president and chief designer of the group, shared the theme of "engineering design of biological products (monoclonal antibody, cell therapy, gene therapy) facilities". The audience enthusiastically asked questions and responded warmly.

She introduced what elements should be considered first in the engineering design of the production facilities of monoclonal antibody drugs, cell therapy and gene therapy drugs in line with GMP. Then, she discussed and analyzed the characteristics of biological products and the regulations that the dosage forms should comply with. She also shared the prevention and control cases of cross protection in practical operation engineering and the impact on production related environment and prevention and control issues Finally, she summarized and shared the biosafety considerations, human flow, logistics, waste logistics, purification air conditioning system, automatic control and other aspects, which provided a comprehensive idea and new development direction for the engineering design of biological products facilities.

Brand decides market

The group's in-depth exploration and continuous efforts on EPC mode in the fields of medicine and environmental protection will enhance the value of tianjushi brand, and help the industry to advance continuously with the strength of design and construction.

Time flies by in a flash, and communication is always in the air. Tianjushi group is looking forward to meeting with guests from all over the world to meet next year's vogo international forum!

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