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Ride the wind and the waves before you go! | Tian ju shi group's third, fifth and tenth anniversary staff activities


Ride the wind and the waves before you go! | Tian ju shi group's third, fifth and tenth anniversary staff activities

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A sense of ritual is to make one day different from another, to make one moment different from another. The meaning of time is to be remembered.

--From the little prince

hat year, you may be young, may be ambitious, no matter what, is the ideal let us meet at the right time, become the beginning of our new career life and the beginning of the story, years of extraordinary, experienced a thousand sails. You have accomplished a stroke in the development of the group, I have witnessed the growth of your life, we have gone through three years, five years, ten years, today, we ushered in the anniversary of your own.

The special cultural activity of Tianjushi "the third, fifth, and tenth anniversary of employee induction" is held in August each year. 2020 is the year with the largest number of participants in the past. A total of 99 employees participated in the induction anniversary activities, of which 8 were employed. Anniversary, the fifth anniversary of 36 employees, and the third anniversary of 55 employees. The commencement anniversary celebration activities are carried out in various forms in the group and each project department.

In Shijiazhuang, the headquarter of the group, 27 employee representatives on the third, fifth, and tenth anniversary of joining the company used the "keyword search" to string together deep memories and share their own growth stories: two years ago we successfully obtained the "design strength" Grade A qualification in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. Three years ago, we have witnessed the "Zhuye Building" that we have grown from small to large. In the past five years, we have brought our customers "Qilu Pharmaceutical" with both performance and ability growth. We have continued for 13 years. The business card "Tianjushi Technology Forum" has been created, and the long-term adherence to the concept of Tianjushi for 22 years to create a "school of growth and progress" for employees, the development direction "EPC" that Tianjushi has always adhered to in the past, present and future.. .... Each keyword is engraved with a time of love, persistence and struggle. Chen Ping, director, vice president, and chief environmental scientist of Tianjushi, as the employee representative for the fifth anniversary of joining the company, talked a lot about the keyword "Tianjushi Technology Forum". When the name of the forum was determined, the board of directors had different differences. Finally, he insisted on setting up his own science and technology forum under the name "Tian Ju Shi". For example, today the Jushi Science and Technology Forum has become a technology business card of Tian Jushi and is well known by the industry. The forum has been one of the high-end technology exchange platforms in China's pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries. Every year the forum is held, all the staff work together to make every detail, whether it is the neat arrangement of the tables and chairs and tea cups on the spot, or the high-quality speeches of the guests, every participant is deeply impressed. In the past three years, five years, and ten years, every step of the time of nature embodies the wisdom and sweat of employees.


Group photo of employees at the 3rd, 5th and 10th anniversary activities

Staff representatives share their growth experience at the 3rd, 5th and 10th anniversary activities

The site of the third, fifth, and tenth anniversary

In the Shanxi Gaoyi Project, the employees of the third, fifth, and tenth anniversary of their employment, the representatives of the 2020, 2019, and 2018 school recruits, and the representatives of the Four Masters gathered together, recalling the common experience of Hetianju. Share their own growth insights. It has been five years since the commissioning technology company employee, Ban Zhizhong, has joined the company. He said that following the continuous expansion of the group, he has gone through dozens of projects and traveled throughout most of China. As the last important link of the EPC industry chain, the commissioning work is the quality assurance delivered by the day. This job requires extreme concentration and meticulousness. For the past five years, he has checked every detail over and over again every day to ensure high-quality delivery. Every project delivered by Tian Ju Shi has won high customer satisfaction, and he has also grown through his work. This craftsman attitude of pursuing the ultimate has made him more and more professional and confident.

Shanxi Gaoyi project activities

The Shandong Leling Qilu project organized a variety of celebrations for 8 employees on the third, fifth, and tenth anniversary of their employment, such as seminars, dinners, mysterious gifts...the whole venue was full of laughter and warmth.

Shandong Leling Project holds various forms of commemorative activities

Other projects also carried out different commemorative activities according to local conditions.

Yantai Wanrun project activity site

Inner Mongolia Arong Banner project activity site

Shanxi Yuanping project activity site

Thank you for turning youth into time and time into dedication. Let us look forward to the next three, five, and tenth anniversary together, let the story continue, and set off after riding the wind and waves!