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Exhibition direct attack | How to solve the problem of biological fermentation sterilization? The standard answer is given at the right time


Exhibition direct attack | How to solve the problem of biological fermentation sterilization? The standard answer is given at the right time

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On August 26-28, the 8th bio Shanghai International bio fermentation exhibition was successfully concluded at the New International Expo Center. Tianjushi group was invited to participate in the banquet of biological fermentation industry. It brought new continuous consumption equipment and one-stop solution for fermentation industry. It attracted a large number of new and old customers to stop for exchange and become a highlight of this exhibition.

In this exhibition, TianJuShi has meticulously built an ultra-high ceiling and 360 degree open exhibition stand, which perfectly presents the excellent fermentation equipment - the prototype of new type continuous consumption equipment. From the whole to the part, from the process to the quality, every detail of the exhibition reflects the ingenuity spirit of the precision manufacturing of the company.

As a leader in the technology of bacteria control in the fermentation industry, TianJuShi Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed a new type of continuous decontamination equipment with good sterilization effect, energy conservation and environmental protection, and stable operation, leading the industry to achieve a subversive leap from solid consumption to traditional continuous consumption, and then to new-type continuous disinfection.

The equipment can make full use of the latent heat of steam, achieve pure countercurrent heat exchange, effectively improve the sterility rate, save more than 70% of steam, and greatly reduce the use cost. It has been well applied in Qilu pharmaceutical, Weidan international, Yipin biology, azure biology, Borui biology and other enterprises.





A large number of guests came to consult and praised the advantages of the equipment in energy saving and consumption reduction, and invited technical experts to the project site for investigation and in-depth communication.


In addition, Tian LinSheng, general manager of TianJuShi Equipment Co., Ltd., shared the excellent performance of the new continuous decontamination equipment in sterilization and energy saving at the "promotion meeting of key projects in biological fermentation industry" held at the same time of the forum.

He said that the new sterilization technology has high automation, stable operation and simple operation, and can be widely used in fermentation fields such as amino acids, dibasic acids, enzyme preparations, vitamins and antibiotics. With a production base of 2000 square meters, equipment experts and independent research center with more than 20 years of experience, tianjushi equipment can provide one-stop services such as R & D, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning according to the actual situation of the project, which provides a strong and comprehensive support for the sterilization of biological fermentation enterprises.

At present, there are many representative cases in the fermentation field of the new type of continuous decontamination equipment, and many customers praise it as the "standard answer" to solve the sterilization problem in the fermentation industry. This is the starting point, not the end point, of technology for chronometer equipment. In the new era led by technology, we will continue to innovate our equipment technology, continuously export more new equipment to the field of biological fermentation, and provide the whole industry chain and one-stop solution.