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School enterprise practice helps environmental protection | Tsinghua University graduate students go to TianJuShi Group for summer practice


School enterprise practice helps environmental protection | Tsinghua University graduate students go to TianJuShi Group for summer practice

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On August 21, members of Shijiazhuang branch of 11th class of Tsinghua University's Summer Youth League school came to TianJuShi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. to interview Mr. Chen Ping, director, vice president and chief environmental protection scientist of the group, on garbage classification and environmental management issues, and conducted summer practical research activities.

Group photo of Tsinghua University Students with Chen Ping, vice president (fourth from left) and Zhu jiangMan, director of human resources department (first from right)


In the exclusive interview, Chen Ping expressed his views and views on the future development direction, sustainability, policy support required for waste classification and the establishment of industrial development industry chain. He also helped students better understand the specific advantages of waste classification and the importance of environmental protection by combining with existing advanced cases and demonstration cities.

Interview with Vice President Chen Ping from Tsinghua University


Chen Ping believes that at the present stage of waste classification in China, for the relevant management departments, it is necessary to formulate a more perfect system, set up the corresponding regulatory system, and help to build a complete industrial chain; for the implementation unit, it is necessary to further implement the publicity work, and find effective methods as soon as possible to deal with the detailed problems. For each citizen, we need to actively cooperate, actively participate in publicity activities, improve the awareness of garbage classification, clarify the specific classification requirements, and gradually develop a good habit of garbage classification.

After the exclusive interview, Chen Xiaofei, director of Chenping Laboratory of tianjushi group, led you to visit the Chenping Laboratory of the group. He introduced in detail the outstanding contributions made by the group in the field of environmental protection and the relevant environmental protection equipment, so that we can have a more specific understanding and understanding of the environmental protection field.


Students visited Chen Ping laboratory and production assembly workshop


The environmental protection division of TianJuShi Group focuses on providing environmental protection and energy-saving solutions for industrial enterprises. It is committed to nearly zero emission of industrial pollutants and provides advanced waste gas and wastewater treatment unit technology and energy-saving and emission reduction technology for hundreds of customers in China. It has a certain contribution to the social environmental protection and reduces the pollution risk of water, soil and air. At the same time, as an environmental protection project led by T-EPC mode, the group will continue to strengthen investment in the field of environmental protection.