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TianJuShi Group went to Tianjin to attend the university enterprise innovation cooperation docking meeting


TianJuShi Group went to Tianjin to attend the university enterprise innovation cooperation docking meeting

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On the morning of August 25, Shijiazhuang Investment Promotion Bureau organized a joint meeting of Shijiazhuang (Tianjin) school enterprise innovation cooperation in Tianjin. TianJuShi Engineering Technology Group participated in the meeting. Zhao YanJun, head of science and Technology Legal Department of the group, shared the scientific and technological achievements, industry university research cooperation, and technical requirements of the group.

Since this year, Shijiazhuang Investment Promotion Bureau has been focusing on the development of "4 + 4" modern industry and "four types of economy". Through the combination of "online" and "offline", "going out" and "inviting in", Shijiazhuang Investment Promotion Bureau has vigorously carried out science and technology investment promotion, promoted deep cooperation with well-known universities and high-tech enterprises, promoted the introduction of scientific and technological innovation projects, and helped the high-quality development of the city's economy. In this meeting, 55 technical requirements of enterprises and 34 scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities were released. Experts from Tianjin University, Nankai University, Tianjin University of science and technology, Tianjin University of technology, Hebei University of technology and other colleges and universities introduced the projects of promoting industrial development and scientific and technological achievements in Shijiazhuang.

At the meeting, Zhao YanJun, Minister of science and technology and Legal Affairs Department of TianJuShi Group, introduced the organization distribution, EPC business model, expert team, leading talents and Chenping Laboratory of TianJuShi Group to let the participants have a more comprehensive understanding of TianJuShi; after that, she introduced the high-end scientific research platform and a number of patents obtained by TianJuShi to experts and scholars of various universities Finally, Minister Zhao introduced in detail the independent core technologies such as VOCs waste gas treatment technology and equipment, key technology integration of free radical oxidation and biological oxidation advanced treatment wastewater, as well as the demand of the technology and advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation. He was highly praised by the audience and actively asked questions to discuss the application scope and scientific research level of relevant technologies with Minister Zhao.

TianJuShi Group attaches great importance to the cooperation and exchange activities with the research institutes of universities. At present, the group has carried out long-term and stable industry university research cooperation with Beijing University of chemical technology, Tianjin University, Hebei University of technology, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, Institute of process engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences High efficiency biofilm advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater integration technology and "pharmaceutical industry VOCs waste gas treatment technology and equipment" have obtained the scientific and technological achievement certificate of Hebei Province, reached the domestic leading level, obtained 28 national authorized patents, and obtained a series of technical achievements with high application value in the field of environmental protection.

Recently, the group also signed a contract with Hebei Industrial Technology Research Institute to establish the Environmental Engineering Research Institute, which aims to develop and Engineering Research on the treatment and recycling technology of three wastes from pharmaceutical enterprises, the resource reuse technology of by-products of pharmaceutical enterprises, and the recovery and utilization technology of chemical solvents in pharmaceutical process, so as to continuously promote the resource integration of innovation chain and industrial chain, and accelerate the pharmaceutical industry in China Transformation and upgrading. It is believed that with the in-depth cooperation with major universities and research institutes, the group can obtain more scientific research achievements and high-quality projects in the field of pharmaceutical environmental protection, and help the group's EPC model become more perfect.