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Wide range of knowledge Keep learning | On the spot record of EMBA course of TianJuShi University


Wide range of knowledge Keep learning | On the spot record of EMBA course of TianJuShi University

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Continuous learning can maximize the ability that we have; and the exploration and exploration of new fields can make the successful talents in the industry become a more versatile elite group. All of these changes are taking place in the classroom of the TianJuShi University.

From August 21 to 22, the second two-day course of emba2020 class of TianJuShi University was successfully completed. Liu JinTao, group director and executive vice president, and Zhu YanBing, director of Tianzhi taxation Hebei Branch, served as the principal lecturers of "Introduction to management" and "fiscal knowledge and financial decision-making". In the two-day course, we learned the essence of management, how to improve management ability and the application of Finance and tax related knowledge in enterprise management.


Integrating theory with practice to manage enabling organization

The ability and level of enterprise managers determines whether the enterprise has the cognition and leading ability for the overall development of the industry. On August 21, Liu JinTao, director and executive vice president of tianjushi group, gave a lecture on introduction to management. Combined with the actual development of enterprises, focusing on the essence of management work, that is, on the basis of respecting the objective laws, effectively organizing and leading the team, controlling the main contradictions in the process and finally realizing the management objectives, the course sharing started. The paper gives a detailed and profound lecture on strategic thinking, organizational insight, mission vision, organizational change, crisis management and the role and influence of rights in management. Through the elaboration of the development law of the organization and the explanation of Kohler's eight step reform model, the trainees can clearly realize that the organization will produce complacency after it develops to a certain extent, and it is very important for the development of an enterprise to be prepared for danger in times of safety. Following the law, reform and innovation is an eternal theme of an enterprise. Finally, everyone focused on the current situation of their own organization, the future of the organization, and what kind of role they played in the organization. Through the discussion, everyone said the existing problems of their own organization and a lot of confusion in the management work. Liu JinTao also made an in-depth analysis and explanation of the problems and puzzles of the students We have learned a lot from integrating theory with practice.



Keep up with the development of the times and set up a new field of Finance and taxation

With the continuous change of the external environment of the group market, the increasingly fierce competition and the continuous change of policies, higher requirements are put forward for the fine management of the group's finance and taxation. On August 22, in order to further improve the fine management ability of the group's finance and taxation, TianJuShi University invited Zhu YanBing, director of Tianzhi taxation Hebei Branch, to teach the course of "fiscal and taxation knowledge and financial decision-making". The teaching is mainly divided into two parts: the first part: Basic Accounting knowledge. Through the explanation of basic accounting knowledge and case analysis, each student's knowledge of assets and liabilities is analyzed We have a deeper understanding of the deep-seated meanings represented by such terms as owner's equity, income, expense and profit. Through reading the financial statements, we can understand the business activities; we can interpret the financial information to assist the business decision-making; we can use the financial tools to do a good job in business management. The second part: basic tax knowledge, through the explanation of China's tax system and current tax background, value-added tax, enterprise income tax and personal income tax, let students understand that they understand tax first and then manage tax.


The habit of thinking and colliding helps to develop

In addition to teaching, it is more important to share knowledge between teachers and students. The EMBA course of TianJuShi University is divided into study groups and relevant management and learning requirements are formulated. As a representative of the group, Zhou LanXia, executive deputy general manager of TianJuShi Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Co., Ltd., carried out a study and sharing. The theme of the sharing was "the power of habit", which described how habits are generated and what roles habits play in our daily life? How can we change some bad habits in our life? And what impact will changing these habits have on our lives? wait. Through sharing, we can know that only when we really change a bad habit, can we find that life will change dramatically. This is the power of habit.

There is no end to learning, and there is no end to learning. The EMBA course of TianJuShi University is for middle and high-level managers and high potential talents with certain management practice experience. It provides them with modern management knowledge and suitable for the actual situation of enterprises. Through knowledge learning and discussion and exchange, it can become an outstanding leader who can promote the development of enterprises. In the future, EMBA courses will continue to develop more potential talents and help the overall development of the group.



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