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The Power Thinking Of TianJuShi | Zhang XinQiao's dialogue on the new Hebei business legend


The Power Thinking Of TianJuShi | Zhang XinQiao's dialogue on the new Hebei business legend

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On August 19, Zhang XinQiao, the group's director and vice president, was invited to participate in Hebei comprehensive radio station's new Hebei business legend. He revealed the self-improvement system of tianjushi group on the spot, and led everyone to experience the ideological power of TianJuShi.

TianJuShi is an engineering service enterprise,

After 22 years of entrepreneurial development,

It has accumulated a wealth of technology led

T-epc service experience

From Qilu to Yili grassland,

From the vast northern kingdom to the coast of the South China Sea,

There are people of TianJuShi.


Upper left - Shijiazhuang south to North Water Diversion Project - surface plant of Liangcun Development Zone (phase I project)

Lower left - Installation Project of 1.5 million T / a pellet of Shanxi Hengcheng metal materials Co., Ltd

You - RTO EPC project of calcium ketoacid API of Cangzhou Branch of Beijing Fuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


What's more, it's worth mentioning,

TianJuShi has a set of perfect corporate culture system

Constantly promote the enterprise to become a healthy organization with self innovation

Also let every employee radiate positive energy.

Every link of the corporate culture system

All point to one word - innovation.

2019·The 12th cosmos TianJuShi Technology Forum


How does tianjushi integrate "innovation" into the enterprise

Technological progress, enterprise management and personnel training?

How to give full play to her powerful cultural power,

Create an ecosystem of continuous innovation?

Let Zhang XinQiao bring us to know the time of the heavenly time,

Understand the culture of TianJuShi.


Technological progress: 500 experiments and 1 innovation

Zhang XinQiao said that TianJuShi Group was established in 1998 and officially registered in 2004. From the earliest mechanical and electrical equipment installation to today's technology led EPC mode, looking back on the development of 22 years, the most important thing is to persist in seeking survival from change and continuous innovation, so as to grow into today's national high-tech enterprises.

For technical experts, the company does not set strict assessment standards. After applying for R & D intention, the company can start to implement the project as long as it is approved by the science and Technology Committee, and has strong autonomy in the process of equipment adjustment and other links. It is precisely because of this innovation mechanism that encourages "small steps and quick running" and "being brave in trial and error", and technical experts have no sense of bondage to do it, which has brought many innovative achievements to enterprises.

2019 annual meeting of experts of TianJuShi science and Technology Committee

In 2014, TianJuShi undertook the fermentation project of ChuanNing biology in ILi, Xinjiang. After the first phase was put into operation, the enterprise was faced with the pressure of stopping production because of the obvious odor in the tail gas. ChuanNing biology has been invited to many well-known academicians in China for on-the-spot investigation, which has not been well solved. At this time, TianJuShi boldly tried to use the molecular sieve technology commonly used in automobile spraying industry to treat fermentation waste gas. After more than 500 experiments by technical experts, it finally solved the waste gas treatment problem of ChuanNing biology and achieved the pioneering position of TianJuShi in this field.

TianJuShi Group undertook the EPC project of Yili ChuanNing Biotechnology Co., Ltd


At present, there are at least 30 scientific and technological projects approved by TianJuShi every year, and there are nearly 80 authorized patents. At the same time, the enterprise is also a provincial engineering laboratory, which has been rated as the excellent enterprise technology center for three consecutive years, and the pharmaceutical enzyme technology innovation center by the provincial science and technology department. At the same time, it also has a number of technology research and development platforms such as academician workstation and Chen Ping laboratory.


Management mode: respect innovation and respect innovators

At TianJuShi, you will see five conference rooms named after experts: Wang Jing conference room, Yao Li meeting room, Yao ZhenYong meeting room, Wu YaFeng meeting room, and Ma ZhiMin meeting room. They are all model figures who have made outstanding contributions to the development of TianJuShi.

Wu YaFeng (right), President of tianjushi, unveils "YaoLi conference room"


In the process of science and technology transformation, TianJuShi attaches great importance to fully releasing the creative vitality of talents. In order to encourage employees to put forward suggestions to promote the development of the enterprise, TianJuShi has also set up development plans named after employees: DuYang plan, talent plan... The thirst for innovation and respect for innovators, which also stimulate a strong desire for innovation in the enterprise.

Zhang XinQiao said that "TianJuShi three word, law, respect for human nature"; all are club's, we call all talents; when, the word "Shi" means vigorous development and hard growth. A group of like-minded people, gathered together, respect the law, continue to move forward. Therefore, we must respect talents. Talents and culture are the ultimate competitiveness of an enterprise, which is hard to copy.

Zhang XinQiao said that there are "six gold standards" in TianJuShi: Wang Jing, the gold standard for evaluating "people"; Ma ZhiMin, the gold standard for evaluating "things"; Yao Li, the gold standard for overcoming difficulties; Zu YongGang, the gold standard for self-reliance; Liang HongYu, the budget settlement standard; and Xu JiFeng, the construction management gold standard.


These six representatives are in the daily work showed a certain area of expertise, so they were awarded the "gold standard" title. For example, Zu YongGang, in the construction project of Arong Banner in Inner Mongolia, the group did not provide resources and personnel. Through his constant contact, he completed the whole project with quality and quantity.



Personnel training: 360 degree post stimulation

Zhang XinQiao said that from my personal growth experience, we can see the thinking of enterprises in talent cultivation: from graduation to tianjushi in 2003, we should do our own business, love each other, and strive to be specialized in one line, all because of interest in new things. We require three good and two strong, good moral character, good skills, good EQ, strong learning ability and strong understanding. In addition, I can stand at a high level to see problems. I have worked for many positions, from automation technician, project manager, human resources manager, financial manager to the current Vice President, director and shareholder.

The talent view of TianJuShi is to create a stage to realize the value of life, so that everyone can find a suitable position through 360 degree post stimulation; in addition, we have built a school of talent progress to make learning and sharing a habit; finally, we should create a warm home, so that employees can find a sense of belonging while being respected.

Four meat and four vegetables for lunch, stewed pig's feet, fried mutton with scallion, fish head with chopped pepper, Li Hongzhang's Stewed vegetables, stewed spare ribs, spicy shrimp are all very common dishes.

Family open day

Staff celebration activities for three years, five years and ten years

Employees go skiing


Zhang XinQiao said that TianJuShi has many characteristic NGO organizations, which provide employees with more "informal" communication and learning channels through basketball games, entrepreneurship competitions and other forms, as well as the "four heroes" association, the 10 + student union who has worked in the enterprise for more than 10 years, and the annual meeting of the retired employees.

Study tour of "four outstanding persons" of TianJuShi in Japan (2017)

Zhang XinQiao said that the source power of enterprise's continuous innovation is strategic determination, continuous learning, scientific and technological exploration, corporate cultural cohesion and unique thinking power. In the past two decades, enterprises have formed a set of perfect self-improvement system. In the next 20 years, the company will continue to change, and determine what to do in the uncertain future. To create the future, we should use the long-term principle of the people of the time, manage the organization, manage the trust, and manage the value. We should insist on the continuous innovation and continuous learning to create the future.



The original is reprinted from the Hebei comprehensive broadcasting WeChat official account.