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Ingenious gathering and skillfully seizing the work of medical design——Interview with Ding ZhiJie, vice president of TianJuShi Group


Ingenious gathering and skillfully seizing the work of medical design——Interview with Ding ZhiJie, vice president of TianJuShi Group

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Our multi-faceted efforts are only to deliver a project beyond our expectations to our customers. ". Recently, Ding ZhiJie, vice president of the group and chairman of the Department of biomedicine, said that the official account of the pharmaceutical industry was published in the interview with the pharmaceutical industry.


Interview with Ms. Ding ZhiJie, vice president of tianjushi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd., chairman of biomedical business department and professor level senior engineer -- engineering design, as an important link in the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, is directly related to whether the quality of products can be guaranteed. Through an exclusive interview with Ms. Ding ZhiJie, vice president of TianJuShi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "TianJuShi Group"), chairman of biomedical business department and professor level senior engineer, we witnessed the growth of a generation of female designers.

Back in the 1980s, China was in the early stage of GMP implementation. Ding Zhijie, who graduated from the Department of biochemical engineering of East China University of science and technology in 1986, joined the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Design Institute of the State Administration of Medicine (now renamed as Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd.) to engage in design related work, which is the beginning of her taking root in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Ding ZhiJie

Vice president of TianJuShi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd

Chairman of biomedical Division

professor of engineering


A series of labels such as "project manager in the second year of employment" and "learning from medical Design Master Zhu ZhongFen" all add to the legend of this talented woman. However, she is particularly low-key. For her own experience, she simply uses the word "lucky" to summarize it. Business is shining, and then it is a long lamp. He has presided over the design project of blood products with the largest output and the highest degree of automation in China, the most intelligent and information-based monoclonal antibody design project in China, the first cell therapy design project meeting the requirements of EU GMP, the first batch of fully automated traditional Chinese medicine extraction project, the National Engineering Research Center project of biochip (one of two in China), and the first in China Organization Engineering National Engineering Research Center project.

In the field of pharmaceutical engineering, the projects designed by Ding Zhijie cover almost all types of the industry: biological products (including blood products, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell therapy, gene therapy, etc.), extraction and pretreatment of traditional Chinese medicine, solid preparation, oral liquid, large infusion, water injection, pre filled water injection, powder injection, freeze-dried powder injection, diagnostic reagents, etc Medical devices, large R & D centers and large animal laboratories.

From small pilot plant to large pharmaceutical project with investment of more than 2 billion yuan, the design concept has always been in the leading position in the industry. It has not only passed the inspection of GMP in China and reached the domestic advanced level, but also some projects meet the requirements of FDA and EMA of EU, reaching the international advanced level.

From her initial work unit to Foster Wheeler (Hebei) Engineering Design Co., Ltd., until she joined TianJuShi Group in 2019, her 35 year design career and rich experience in international and domestic projects make her have a particularly profound feeling for this industry.


Work comes from love

In 2019, a total of 10 excellent designers were selected in the "most beautiful female designer selection activity" sponsored by Hebei Engineering Survey and Design Consulting Association, among which Ding Zhijie won the first place of "the most beautiful female designer" in the survey and design industry of Hebei Province with her top design ability and excellent professional quality.

Ding ZhiJie won "the most beautiful female designer"


"There are three reasons why I think it is important to be able to achieve what we have achieved." Ding ZhiJie said, "the first thing is to love, which is also the most important point. Only when you like your work and find fun in your work, you will feel happy even if you are in difficulties. Second, they are eager to learn. They are always curious about new things. When it comes to engineering design, there will be many new ideas. They can keep up with the pace of the times by constantly learning new knowledge and skills. The third is to strive for perfection. In short, we should treat every project as a work of art and try our best to achieve perfection. "

In addition, Ding ZhiJie, as the process director and project manager, has won many awards at the Institute, Ministry and national level. Among them, the project of biochip (Shanghai) Engineering Research Center and Tianjin Hualida Bioengineering Co., Ltd. won the second prize of China excellent engineering consulting achievement, the first prize of excellent design of Sinopec Group, and the project of biochip (Shanghai) Engineering Research Center, and obtained the certificate of outstanding collective in the practical meritorious work competition of key projects of that year.

Her achievements are the best proof of time. Many honors not only confirm her outstanding contribution to the engineering design industry, but also show her heroic spirit of "women are not inferior to men". It is just out of the love of work that so many excellent medical engineering projects have been launched today.


Strive for the upstream of biomedicine

At present, the global market scale of biological innovative drugs is in the stage of rapid growth. With Ding ZhiJie joining TianJuShi Group in 2019, the banner of biopharmaceutical Division will also be handed over to her. In September of the same year, the Shanghai Design and Research Institute of TianJuShi Group opened a new office in Shanghai, which is also a new design platform for expanding the pharmaceutical industry chain under the existing business system. So far, a leading group with Ding Zhijie and her partner for many years, Dong WenLiang, who is also a leader in the pharmaceutical engineering design industry, has been formed.

"It is our established goal to build a small pharmaceutical design team into the best in China. The reason is that our core employees have more than 20 years of work experience. They have not only worked in the largest pharmaceutical design institute in China, but also worked in international engineering companies. They have cooperation experience with us office, European office and Australian Office in many projects, and have accumulated rich international engineering experience. They are familiar with the relevant regulations of FDA, EMA of EU and tap of Australia, and understand their workflow and methods. " Ding Zhijie said.

Shanghai Design and Research Institute of TianJuShi Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd


A group of well-known domestic design experts gathered here, relying on their professional design ability, proficient understanding of the process, and rich project experience, will help the pharmaceutical industry to constantly create industry model projects. Ding ZhiJie said, "Shanghai Design Institute will design more milestone projects in the field of high activity and macromolecular biopharmaceuticals, especially in the field of new biological agents such as monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, insulin, cell therapy, oncolytic virus, gene therapy drugs, etc., and is committed to providing Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises with the latest regulatory regulations and industry guidelines Top pharmaceutical facilities. "


Walk with engineering design

As an important part of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain, engineering design can be divided into two lines from the perspective of drugs, one is product line: R & D - clinical - production - sales; the other is guarantee line: GLP laboratory construction - production facilities construction - operation and maintenance. Ding ZhiJie said, "no matter which line, engineering design plays an important supporting role in the whole drug life cycle. The quality of design is directly related to the quality of products. For example, for the production facilities of the monoclonal antibody project, not only the biosafety, the flexibility of project expansion, the visibility of supervision and learning, but also the rationality of production flow line, the contradiction between specification compliance and economic benefit, and the rationality of human flow, logistics and waste logistics should be considered in the design to achieve efficient production and avoid the risk of cross contamination. 

At the same time, engineering design is closely related to laws and policies. The premise of engineering design is to meet the specifications. Whether it is the national or industrial standards, the change of each regulation will have an impact on the design. "We will carefully study the draft when we issue the consultation draft, and consider certain foresight in the design." Ding ZhiJie continued, "in the design process, we need to fully consider how to reduce operating costs and energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to make the design more optimized. I call this the true embodiment of the designer level, and that's what we're constantly striving for. "

Facing the problems in the design process, Ding ZhiJie has a different optimism and calm. She has accumulated her own knowledge from every difficulty in her work. "Every project is an opportunity to learn and improve. Peers, customers and suppliers are your teachers, so every project has its merits. However, there will be some regrets for each project. There are many reasons. Sometimes the time is too tight, and sometimes it is restricted by the project investment. Everyone has different requirements for themselves. My requirement is to constantly improve and improve. " Ding ZhiJie said.


Drawing a blueprint for development

Ding ZhiJie's biopharmaceutical division is an important part of TianJuShi Group. Founded in 1998, TianJuShi Group is headquartered in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, with a design and Research Institute in Shanghai. It is a well-known general contractor of large-scale pharmaceutical and environmental protection projects in China. After 22 years of intensive cultivation in the pharmaceutical industry, TianJuShi Group has more than ten engineering design and construction qualifications. It can provide one-stop services from engineering design, automation engineering, mechanical and electrical installation, environmental protection engineering to commissioning and maintenance, striving to become the EPC leader in the pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries.

Changzhou Jianya project exchange meeting


For many years, TianJuShi Group has been taking technological innovation and personnel training as the two wings to support the enterprise to take off. In terms of technological innovation, TianJuShi Group has clearly put forward the concept of "R & D funds with a lower limit and no upper limit", and has set up a number of laboratories and scientific research workstations to meet the company's technological innovation needs. In terms of personnel training, TianJuShi Group established tianjushi University as early as 2008, inviting internal and external experts to disseminate cutting-edge management theory and technological innovation achievements to all employees, cultivate internal management backbone and professional and technical talents, and form talent echelon supporting enterprise development.

In addition, TianJuShi Group has continuously promoted industry university research cooperation, and has established long-term and stable industry university research cooperation relations with many universities and institutes at home and abroad, such as the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland in Australia, the Institute of process engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, East China University of science and technology, Beijing University of chemical technology, Hebei University of science and technology and other domestic and foreign universities and institutes to jointly solve industry problems.

In order to meet the needs of different aspects of customers, TianJuShi Group puts forward the service concept of "paying attention to customer needs, improving customer value and exceeding customer expectations", forming a "customer demand" as the service tenet, taking "product technology" as the engineering core, and "turnkey" mode to provide customers with unique technology, engineering, products and other full process services to achieve real significance Delivery at TianJuShi. "Our multi-faceted effort is to ultimately deliver a project that exceeds expectations to our customers." Ding ZhiJie finally said.


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