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TianJuShi environmental protection makes a wonderful appearance in the environmental New power


TianJuShi environmental protection makes a wonderful appearance in the environmental New power

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From August 13 to 15, the 21st China Environmental Expo, the first annual exhibition of environmental protection industry, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition has a scale of 150000 square meters, gathering more than 1800 well-known environmental protection enterprises from the world.

As the leader of T-EPC of environmental protection engineering, TianJuShi Group arrived on schedule and made great achievements, which won the favor of many visitors.

With the development of environmental protection, breaking technical barriers and continuous innovation will be the most important driving force for the industry to advance. Based on its strong scientific research and innovation and environmental engineering design strength, the environmental protection division of TianJuShi Group has explored a unique T-EPC general contracting mode based on its strong scientific research and innovation and environmental protection engineering design strength, which provides a broader and more forward-looking development idea for the environmental protection industry.

At this exhibition, TianJuShi environmental protection showed the guests the latest research and development technology achievements of waste water and waste gas, more characteristic overall environmental protection solutions for industrial enterprises, and many typical cases of environmental protection projects.

Among them, the ozone catalytic oxidation equipment is an independent research and development product of TianJuShi, which combines the strong oxidation of ozone with the adsorption and catalytic characteristics of catalyst, realizes the efficient mixing of ozone and wastewater through the water distribution system and gas distribution system, and realizes the advanced treatment of wastewater under the action of catalyst. The treatment effect is very good, the ozone utilization rate is more than 95%, and the degree of automation is high. It is unique in the exhibition, attracting many visitors to stop and exchange views, and praise the technology and processing capacity of the equipment.

At the exhibition site, there are many people in the TianJuShi, including many years old friends and many new friends who come here in admiration. Technical staff with full enthusiasm for customers to provide professional technical explanation, to visitors brought a good exhibition experience.




Liu HaiBing, deputy manager of Technology Department of TianJuShi environmental protection division, brought a feast of technical knowledge full of dry goods for the participants at the "2020 8th East China water treatment engineer conference" held at the same time as the environmental Expo. He focused on sharing the new technology of high concentration / high biological toxicity / high salinity refractory pharmaceutical chemical wastewater treatment, as well as the necessity of research on this new technology, the results of pilot stage, and practical application cases, which aroused a warm response at the meeting.


After years of development, TianJuShi environmental protection has become a "hard core player" in the field of industrial environmental protection with excellent comprehensive strength. In the future, it will continue to improve environmental protection technology, embrace innovation with its own advantages, polish the ecological background of the earth with clever thinking, and create new green forces!