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Top of the list | TianJuShi Group won the National Engineering Design Award


Top of the list | TianJuShi Group won the National Engineering Design Award

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Recently, TianJuShi Group has won four "2019 national excellent pharmaceutical engineering design award" issued by China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Association.

China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Association is a national authoritative organization in the field of pharmaceutical engineering design under the leadership of the Ministry of construction and the China Survey and Design Association under the management of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. This award is the national recognition of TianJuShi once again. It is the result of TianJuShi Group's efforts to lead the future with science and technology, drive development by innovation, and continuously improve the engineering quality and scientific and technological service level.






Aseptic workshop expansion project of QiLu AnTai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (phase I)

Highlights of the project: the project is a sample project for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in Shandong Province. Based on the concept of "green" development, a series of innovative engineering design concepts have been adopted to achieve several "first in China". For example, the whole process automatic control of aseptic API production has been realized for the first time in China, and the completely closed system for material transportation of the whole production line has been innovated. The automatic online cleaning, sterilization, wetting and testing system of sterilization filter is designed, and the veritable automatic CIP and sip system design is realized. The whole country has taken the lead in designing a fully intelligent energy management center to realize intelligent regulation of cold and steam consumption and real-time supervision of cold, hot, water, electricity and gas. Meanwhile, the project successfully passed the GMP certification of China and 10 certification certificates of FDA and EDQM of EU in December 2018. The project was awarded "2017 Sino US energy management contract demonstration project".


Waste gas treatment project of thioerythromycin fermentation in YiLi ChuanNing Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Highlights of the project: the project creatively applies molecular sieve adsorption device to the treatment of fermentation waste gas in pharmaceutical industry for the first time to effectively remove VOCs and eliminate the odor of waste gas. At the same time, according to the characteristics of VOCs waste gas, new molecular sieve adsorption materials are selected. The developed molecular sieve materials have high heat resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and can be regenerated under high temperature conditions, so as to overcome the high temperature resistance of traditional adsorption materials It is difficult to deal with the technical bottleneck of high boiling point VOCs. It has solved the bottleneck problems that restrict the application of waste gas treatment technology, such as large equipment investment, high operation cost and poor operation stability in the field of VOCs waste gas treatment in the pharmaceutical industry. It has opened a precedent for the domestic air volume and low concentration fermentation organic waste gas treatment to meet the standard. It has effectively promoted the development of environmental protection technology in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, and the technology has reached the domestic leading level.


ChiFeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. moved out of the city into the park technical transformation phase III Project

Project highlights: the project is one of the key projects supported by the policy of enterprises returning to the city and entering the park in the central city of Chifeng. The project adopts the advanced enzyme separation process to prepare intermediate technology, which has the advantages of simple process, less investment, less energy consumption and solvent consumption, significantly reduced production cost and less environmental pollution. The yield of the product is increased by 6%, the cost is reduced by 15%, and the by-product is simple, which is more conducive to the later recovery and treatment.


Technology upgrading project of human synthetic API in ShanDong LuKang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Project highlights: compared with the mainstream technology in the market, the production process of this project is 5% higher in yield and 10% lower in production cost. So as to occupy an advantage in this market area. The utilization rate of solvent increased by 24% on average. Acetonitrile recovery adopts advanced membrane process, which reduces steam consumption by 30 ~ 50% compared with traditional distillation system; cephalosporin wastewater distillation adopts vacuum distillation process, which reduces steam consumption by 30 ~ 40% compared with traditional atmospheric distillation system; steam tail gas heat is used to increase feed temperature and effectively reduce energy consumption; solvent recovery tower kettle adopts gravity flow mode to reduce energy consumption; distillation column adopts vacuum distillation process to reduce energy consumption The automatic control system can adjust the refrigerant flow according to the tower bottom temperature and solvent evaporation, effectively reducing the consumption of circulating water and chilled water.


The eagle flies into the sky, and the fish soars to the bottom. The award-winning of TianJuShi Group marks that the main technical achievement indicators of each project belong to the domestic advanced level in the same period. The project members adhere to the concept of "exceeding customer expectations", and at the same time, they have also made important contributions to promoting the technical development of pharmaceutical engineering construction industry, greatly enhancing the brand awareness and reputation of TianJuShi.