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The Expert Time |Ding ZhiJie was invited to review the design standard of clean workshop in veterinary medicine industry


The Expert Time |Ding ZhiJie was invited to review the design standard of clean workshop in veterinary medicine industry

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On March 27, China Association for Engineering Construction standardization organized a network review meeting on the standards of design standards for clean workshop of veterinary medicine industry. Ding ZhiJie, vice president and chief designer of TianJuShi Group, was invited to serve as the vice chairman of the review group to participate in the review of the standards. Ding ZhiJie, with her rich experience in biosafety, environmental purification, process layout and process pipeline, put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the wording, expression, coverage and specific terms of the standard, which won high praise from the participating units.

This standard, edited by China Academy of Building Sciences Co., Ltd., is a technical supporting document for the coming new version of GMP regulations on veterinary drugs. It will provide standardized constraints and technical guidance for the design, construction, inspection, acceptance, operation and maintenance of clean workshops in veterinary medicine industry, improve the basic conditions for the construction of clean workshops in veterinary medicine industry in China, and improve the domestic and foreign specialized large-scale industrialization The lack of building technical standards for veterinary high-level biosafety vaccine production workshop, the preliminary establishment of the veterinary vaccine industry biosafety building standard system, to promote the high-level, efficient, scientific and reasonable construction and development of veterinary medicine industry clean workshops in China.

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