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The list of top 100 biomedical industrial parks in 2020 has been announced, and more than half of them are national high-tech zones


The list of top 100 biomedical industrial parks in 2020 has been announced, and more than half of them are national high-tech zones

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On July 8, 2020, the media reported that recently, the "2020 top 100 biomedical industrial parks list" jointly released by saidI consultant of the Ministry of industry and information technology and Sina pharmaceutical showed that 55 of the top 100 home areas were national high-tech zones, among which 10 high-tech zones, including Shanghai Zhangjiang, Suzhou Industrial Park and Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, occupied the top 10.

From three levels, six dimensions and 13 indicators, the list comprehensively evaluates the strength of the biomedical industry of 387 national industrial parks (including 168 national high-tech zones and 219 national economic development zones) in 2020, and finally forms the top 100 list. Among them, the internal driving force is mainly evaluated through three dimensions: agglomeration effect, element support and scientific and technological innovation capability; external driving force is the external stimulation factor for the development of the park, mainly involving two dimensions of regional transportation and surrounding environment; the expansion potential mainly evaluates the saturation degree of enterprises in the Park, which is the direct embodiment of the future space expansion ability of the park.

According to the analysis of the list, it is an inevitable choice for the biomedical industrial park to speed up the development in the future to build an open, innovative and efficient biomedical innovation system around the biomedical industry. The key element of the free park will be an open link in the future. Policy chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain and service chain can realize the optimal allocation and efficient operation of resources through the open platform built by the park. Second, innovation will become the operation core of biomedical industry park. Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the continuous breakthrough of the biomedical industry. As an important carrier of the development of the biomedical industry, the park can be favored by more biomedical enterprises only if it has a perfect R & D innovation system. Thirdly, the industry supporting service characterized by high efficiency has a significant effect on stimulating the enthusiasm of enterprises. For pharmaceutical and medical device R & D and manufacturing enterprises, efficient review and approval process means more market opportunities. In the future, the innovation of new generation information technology and service mode will become the main path for the park to improve its supporting service level.