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Practice class | Wu ShaoHua and Zhang HuiYi were invited to share special topics for Dalian University of technology


Practice class | Wu ShaoHua and Zhang HuiYi were invited to share special topics for Dalian University of technology

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On August 5, Wu ShaoHua, vice president of TianJuShi Group and general manager of environmental protection engineering design company, and Zhang HuiYi, deputy chief engineer of pharmaceutical engineering design company, were invited to carry out a special sharing of "design essentials of multifunctional workshop for modern Chinese medicine extraction and oral liquid preparation" for Pharmaceutical Engineering Specialty of Dalian University of technology.

This sharing is the first lecture of Dalian Institute of technology's pharmaceutical engineering practice teaching course in 2020. It is a characteristic live course for the current special environment. More than 100 teachers and students participated in the interactive exchange.

In the lecture, Wu ShaoHua and Zhang HuiYi shared the process flow, equipment selection and calculation, workshop layout principle and other contents of traditional Chinese medicine extraction and oral liquid preparation workshop, combined with their own engineering design experience for many years. They explained in detail from the aspects of specification requirements, rationality and economy, combined with actual cases and drawings, combining theory with practice, so as to let students Have a deeper understanding of process design. After the explanation, the teacher and the students also had in-depth communication and discussion with the two lecturers on the working hours arrangement, batching system and raw material storage in the design, and the atmosphere was very active.

As the teaching practice base of Dalian University of technology, TianJuShi Group has carried out cooperation in many aspects. As the enterprise tutor of Dalian University of technology, vice president Wu Shaohua has taught for students many times. In recent years, TianJuShi Group has continuously strengthened school enterprise cooperation, and exported to the society through the group's professional experts to Dalian University of technology, Tianjin University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Chang'an University, Hebei University of technology, Yanshan University and other well-known colleges and universities to explain the professional knowledge and career planning of applied practice, serve as off campus tutors, and cooperate with practice base projects to export to the society Practical knowledge and internship posts are provided. At the same time, through the practice base project, TianJuShi Group has carried out special project cooperation with some colleges and universities, which has promoted the development of technology and practice level of both sides.


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Wu ShaoHua


He is a pharmaceutical and chemical process expert, senior engineer, registered chemical engineer, registered power engineer, excellent enterprise manager of Shijiazhuang construction industry, vice president of TianJuShi Group, general manager of environmental protection engineering design company, and member of TianJuShi science and Technology Committee.

He graduated from Dalian University of technology in 2010 with a master's degree in chemical engineering. He once worked in the pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Institute of China Nuclear fourth research and Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

As the main designer, he participated in the following projects: Haizheng Pfizer pharmaceutical project, Haizheng Waisha preparation project, Haizheng pharmaceutical Nantong plant area project, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group three fine production project, Yili CHUANNING antibiotic construction project, Shijiazhuang No.4 pharmaceutical headquarters relocation and upgrading project, Shandong Lukang group Zoucheng Industrial Park project, Shandong Xinfa New Park project, Anhui Wanbei phase II project , Shiyao Ouyi new park project, etc. The design project covers API, extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, solid preparation, sterile API, sterile preparation, etc.

Published the paper "a kind of thinking about the layout of bacteria and mold room in fermentation workshop".


Zhang HuiYi


Pharmaceutical and chemical engineering design expert, researcher level senior engineer, registered consulting engineer (investment), deputy chief engineer and project leader of TianJuShi pharmaceutical engineering design company.

He graduated from Hebei Institute of mining and Metallurgy (now North China University of science and Technology) in 1982 and Applied Chemistry of Tianjin University in 1988 with a master's degree. He used to be the project leader of China Nuclear fourth research and Design Engineering Co., Ltd., and the design director of Aoxing group.

He has been engaged in the process design of pharmaceutical and chemical industry for many years. He is familiar with GMP and relevant design specifications in China, EU and USA, and has presided over the design of many large and medium-sized pharmaceutical projects at home and abroad. These projects include not only chemical synthetic raw materials and fermentation raw materials, but also aseptic raw materials, traditional Chinese medicine extraction, oral preparations and sterile preparations. In particular, they have unique design ideas in the aspects of sterile raw materials, sterile preparations and oral preparations, large infusion projects and anti-tumor drugs. Have the ability to independently undertake complex project design, and be able to solve complex technical problems within the scope of this major. Among the projects participated in the design, it won the excellent design award of China Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Association and nuclear industry survey and design.

As the main designer and project leader, the main projects participated in and presided over include: Xi'an Guanghua phase I project, the design of sub projects in Daxing, Miyun and Shijiazhuang of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the API production center project and development preparation project of Shiyao group Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the enbep butylphthalide API project of Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group, and Tianfang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd The project includes synthesis and separation project, erythromycin thiocyanate project of Shandong Dongyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., erythromycin thiocyanate project of Shandong new era Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Peinan API project of Zhejiang Haixiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., relocation and reconstruction project of Dezhou Dezhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., monoclonal antibody and anti-tumor project of Baiji Shenzhou (Suzhou), Yiqiao Shenzhou biological monoclonal antibody project of Beijing, and Yinhu infusion of Shiyao Project, Mongolia Ulan Bator soft bag infusion project, Myanmar SSI oral solid preparation project, Uzbekistan dentafill plastic bottle infusion project, Vietnam merap cephalosporin sterile preparation, eye drops, ointment projects, etc.