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Tianjushi Group's top 10 news of 2019


Tianjushi Group's top 10 news of 2019

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Ⅰ. the group obtained grade a qualification of engineering design and construction industry (construction engineering) (2019.09)

Ⅱ.from the heart, form the feet| Tianjushi Shanghai design and research institute held a grand opening ceremony(2019.09)

Ⅲ. One hundred people gathered at | Tianjushi  100 people meeting founding meeting and the grand opening of the 2019 annual meeting(2019.11)

Ⅳ.The group set up Chen ping laboratory (2019.07)

V. the change in the forward ten years | Tianjushi construction from 2009 to 2019 achieved fruitful results of more than 30 items (2019.10)

Ⅵ. The group successfully held the West Lake sword discussion workshop in 2019 (2019.06)

Ⅶ.Green pharmaceuticals become a new generation by light and forward evolution | the 12th tianjutshi science and technology forum was successfully held (2019.10)

Ⅷ.He who comes near will come far|The human resource management report was included in authoritative books (2019.12)

Ⅸ.The group was awarded the title of foreign academician workstation in 2018 (2019.03)

Ⅹ.Dr. Jin yuequn, chief environmental technology consultant of the group, won the yanzhao friendship award (2019.12)




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