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The Metallurgical Engineering Design Company of TianJuShi Group was established


The Metallurgical Engineering Design Company of TianJuShi Group was established

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Young people aspire to Lingyun and strive for success. The innovation and development of science and technology is the driving force and source for the industry to move forward. In the early stage of TianJuShi Group, only installation work was involved in the metallurgical industry. Years of hard work in the industry made TianJuShi Group have a unique understanding of the metallurgical field. On July 17, the metallurgical engineering design company of TianJuShi Group was Formally Established, which is the group's progress and development towards EPC mode of metallurgical industry, and is the fourth largest design company established by the group after Environmental Engineering Design Company, Chemical Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Company and Biomedical Engineering Design Company.

As a new engine of the group's business, the Metallurgical Engineering Design Company of TianJuShi Group will deeply plough into many fields such as pelletizing, sintering, ironmaking, steel-making, steel rolling and so on. It will provide customers with advanced design concept and the whole process consulting service and engineering design service in line with the requirements of industrial laws and regulations. It is an important part of the implementation of EPC Construction of metallurgical projects and the completion of "delivery of TianJuShi".

As the earliest business division established by the group, the metallurgy division of TianJuShi Group has many qualifications, such as grade I general contracting of metallurgical engineering construction, grade I general contracting of mechanical and electrical engineering construction, and grade B engineering design of metallurgical industry. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with many production enterprises and colleges and universities, and has the capacity of general contracting service for the whole process metallurgical engineering construction from mining and raw material processing and preparation, sintering and pellet production to metal smelting and rolling process, so as to ensure that the production economic and technical indicators of the project exceed expectations.

Along the way, the metallurgical business unit has withstood the tests of the market, continuously pursued excellence and built many high-quality projects. ShanXi GaoYi 1.2 million ton grate kiln pelletizing project is the first EPC pelletizing project independently contracted by TianJuShi. From the signing of the contract to the completion of the project, the team of the metallurgical business department overcame the external environmental factors such as narrow site and hot summer. After the efforts of the core team, it took only 7 months to meet and exceed the requirements of the design capacity, and achieved 4500 tons of qualified pelletizing per day in one month, and all indicators met the requirements of the owner's satisfaction. LanXin Iron and Steel is a long process iron and steel enterprise with an annual output of 2.6 million tons. From sintering to blast furnace, from steel-making to steel rolling, TianJuShi`s people have devoted their efforts to "create value for customers", and organized excellent teams to overcome difficulties all the way to ensure that the project can be put into production on schedule and with good quality, winning great praise from the owners.




A milestone, a new starting point. In this rapidly changing era of science and technology, only by holding the golden key of technology can we achieve a new explosion in the changing situation. The establishment of the Metallurgical Engineering Design Company of YianJuShi Group further improves the service level of the group in the metallurgical business field, which plays an important role in the EPC business of the group and has epoch-making historical significance.

Design leads, transformation and upgrading. After 22 years of hard work, the design team of TianJuShi has gradually developed from a small design team with less than 10 people to today, and has become the industry leader with a number of Industry Grade A qualifications and more than 100 outstanding design elites, which is inseparable from the continuous exploration and reform of the group. The establishment of Metallurgical Engineering Design Company has a far-reaching impact on the group. In the future, the group will continue to take the perfect service, innovative technology and advanced management as the foundation, provide one-stop all-round high-quality service and integrated high-end solutions, surpass the expectations of customers, create new achievements and continue to write new glory.