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Industry development meets new opportunities knowledge helps open new Bureau | Ding ZhiJie is invited to open laboratory design course


Industry development meets new opportunities knowledge helps open new Bureau | Ding ZhiJie is invited to open laboratory design course

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Recently, Ding ZhiJie, chief designer of TianJuShi Group, was invited to be the guest speaker of "P2, P3 laboratory design and construction series training" organized by Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association. Sharing laboratory process design, standards, application cases, post operation and maintenance management experience, etc

The purpose of this training meeting is to effectively improve the ability of relevant enterprises in the industry and enhance the knowledge reserve and skill level of employees. The training was divided into three phases. On the afternoon of July 13, the first session of "P2, P3 laboratory design" course was online taught to nearly 70 trainees of relevant enterprises and institutions by Ding ZhiJie, vice president of TianJuShi Group and professor level senior engineer.


Ding Zhijie explained the construction situation and policy of P2 and P3 laboratories, risk assessment and risk control in detail, analyzed the design principles and basic requirements thoroughly, and gave examples and discussions on laboratory design and facilities. The 90 minute course was rich and short, and the students responded warmly. They said that they would have the opportunity to further discuss in the future and get the technical support from the sky club in the actual project construction in the future.

In the "public health prevention and treatment capacity building program" issued by the national development and Reform Commission and other three departments, it is pointed out that "each province should have at least one laboratory that reaches the level of Biosafety Level 3 (P3), and each prefecture level city should have at least one laboratory that has reached the level of biosafety level II (P2)". This means that while complementing the short board of laboratory testing and testing capacity in China, the construction of public health in China will usher in a new round of development. The policy will greatly accelerate the development of laboratory industry, clean industry and other related supporting industries.

As a leading construction general contractor service provider in medicine and environmental protection industry, TianJuShi Group has been helping the construction of public health field in China, and undertakes its due responsibilities and obligations. Science and technology is the primary productive force, and scientific and technological workers are the mainstay of industrial development. The group has a large number of high-tech talents in environmental protection, biological medicine, cleaning and other industries, and many projects have won national, provincial and municipal awards. In the future, tianjushi group will continue to uphold the service concept of "exceeding customer expectations" to create value and contribute to customers, industries and countries.