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Group Zhang WeiXin, Wang Jing and Ban ZhiZhong won the economic and technological innovation achievement award


Group Zhang WeiXin, Wang Jing and Ban ZhiZhong won the economic and technological innovation achievement award

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Recently, Zhang WeiXin, engineer of Technology Department of environmental protection division of the group, Wang Jing, manager of business department of the first engineering company of the group, and Ban ZhiZhong, engineer of the electrical laboratory of the group's commissioning technology company, won the third prize of the ninth batch of employees' economic and technological innovation achievements in Shijiazhuang high tech Zone.


Zhang WeiXin, an engineer, graduated from Tangshan University in 2014. The project of "Application of block attribute single line diagram and excel function in construction process" applied by CAD block attribute single line diagram was used to extract materials, and excel function was used to summarize statistical data, which made material extraction more rapid and accurate, convenient to guide construction, clearer material management, and dynamic control of construction process. This innovation has been implemented in Yantai Wanrun project and achieved good results. In the face of complex drawings, large number of changes and more subcontracting teams, the material preparation in the early stage of construction, construction guidance during construction, material redistribution, engineering quantity statistics and other work are carried out efficiently, which plays a positive role in the implementation of the whole project.


Wang Jing, an engineer, graduated from Hebei University of science and technology in 2011. The project "Application of Excel function sumifs in construction material summary and warehouse in and out management" applied to the project used the new function sumifs of office2007 to quickly sum multiple conditional cells, which improved work efficiency and accuracy, and realized real-time update of summary results, and the application scenarios were very wide. This method has achieved good results in Xinjiang Kelun project settlement and Yantai Wanrun project implementation. It plays a positive role in saving labor cost, improving production efficiency and saving construction period.


Ban ZhiZhong, first-class constructor and assistant engineer, graduated from Hebei Chemical Medicine vocational and technical college in 2009. The project of "acs580 application method of thermal breaking drum in thermal stuffy slag project" applied by acs589 frequency converter from scalar control to vector control and increasing braking resistance unit has improved the control accuracy of thermal cracking drum motor, reduced the wear of mechanical brake and extended the use of mechanical equipment in the thermal stuffy slag project of Shanxi Gaoyi iron and Steel Co., Ltd Life, greatly reduce the maintenance time of equipment, to ensure the efficient and orderly production of enterprises.


The staff economic and technological innovation achievement award of ShijiaZhuang high tech Zone is organized by the general trade union of ShijiaZhuang high tech Zone. It has been held for nine consecutive sessions after being selected by experts in related fields. Up to now, 8 employees of TianJuShi Group have won awards. The group has always attached great importance to the development of scientific and technological innovation, and encouraged its employees to participate in economic and technological innovation activities for several consecutive times. Within the group, it has established a science and technology committee composed of well-known experts and scholars in the fields of biology, pharmacy, environmental protection, water treatment, metallurgy and other fields, as well as outstanding scientific and technological workers of the TianJuShi Group Technical forum and training activities, both internal and external, complement each other. It aims to make the viewpoint of science and technology project deeply rooted in the hearts of the people through learning and development in many aspects, and let everyone really apply it in practical work.