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Tianjushi Group held the science and technology project approval review meeting in 2020


Tianjushi Group held the science and technology project approval review meeting in 2020

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On March 5, the group held the 2020 science and technology project approval and review meeting. Tianjushi science and technology committee, as the guiding body for strategy formulation and planning in the construction of the group's science and technology innovation system, a total of 17 experts from relevant fields from the science and technology committee participated in the evaluation of this science and technology project.

At the meeting, the evaluation experts conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions based on the background and significance of the project, research content, innovation points, budget, expected economic benefits and other aspects, and put forward evaluation opinions based on the strategic planning of the group's scientific and technological innovation work in that year. Finally, a total of 39 science and technology projects involving automation, engineering design, energy conservation, environmental protection, construction management and so on passed the project approval review.

Since the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of "technology leads the future, innovation drives the development", the group has continued to carry out technology research and development and innovation work. In 2019, the group successfully completed 32 science and technology project research and development work, achieved remarkable scientific and technological achievements and successfully transformed the application. 11 science and technology projects won the science and technology progress award of Tianjushi Group, including 1of first prize, 4 of second prizes and 6 of third prizes. The first prize project, "research on the application of advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater by ozone catalytic oxidation + biofilm", which was participated by liu haibing, zhang dalong, gu shan and others, was included in shijiazhuang science and technology plan, which accelerated the industrialization process of the group's scientific and technological achievements and brought significant economic and social benefits.

Group will be the judges, as an opportunity, based on Chen ping laboratory, continue to promote scientific and technological innovation and project research and development, improve the independent innovation ability of science and technology and the conversion of scientific and technological achievements, promote the scientific research level, set up unique "with technology as the leading engineering general contracting services" mode, will become the international first-class day all construction engineering technology group.

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