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[Key Points] Huiju | Zhou LanXia: sharing and Discussion on the concept of pharmaceutical engineering process design


[Key Points] Huiju | Zhou LanXia: sharing and Discussion on the concept of pharmaceutical engineering process design

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On May 28, the 10th online seminar of "know the time online" of TianJuShi Group was successfully held. At the meeting, Zhou LanXia, a medical and chemical design expert, senior engineer, registered chemical engineer and executive deputy general manager of TianJuShi Group Pharmaceutical Engineering Design Co., Ltd., was invited to introduce the positioning and process design requirements of pharmaceutical engineering process design in detail with the theme of "sharing and discussion of pharmaceutical engineering process design concept", and the current pharmaceutical engineering was mainly introduced in combination with specific cases With the advanced concept of art design, medical industry personnel have a deeper understanding of pharmaceutical engineering process design.


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Point 1 What are the requirements for process designers?

  • In depth understanding of enterprise needs and pain points

  • Understanding other expertise

  • Effective combination of design, construction and operation

  • Continuous optimization and improvement of design concept




Point 2 What are the aspects of process compliance design? 

  • Safety compliance, design must be based on Safety specifications

  • In the early stage of the project, it is necessary to understand clearly the drug management specifications to be followed

  • Occupational health compliance, reduce labor intensity, reduce human operation and intervention, comprehensively improve the level of automation and intelligence, reduce human deviation, and improve the stability of product quality and output

  • Environmental protection compliance, not only end treatment, environmental design must run through the whole design process




Point 3 What are the aspects of lean process design?

  • Function division is modularized, and "modularized design" is carried out according to the characteristics of the overall process, so as to realize unit automation and flexible production distribution

  • The flexible multi-functional line can realize the flexible production of multi varieties and small batches

  • Rationalization of combined layout, rational division, intensive layout, personnel diversion, consideration of visit and review needs

  • Water saving and energy saving are green, and water saving and energy saving are considered in each link of the design process




"Know the time online" is a series of online excellent sharing courses sincerely produced by TianJuShi Group. Each session focuses on different hot issues, shares content closely related to pharmaceutical and environmental protection projects, and invites industry leaders to talk with you about the new future of the industry online. More exciting courses, or technical consultation, welcome to pay attention to TianJuShi micro assistant.