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The five mountains will never leave for a hundred battles before reading | The EMBA 2020 class of TianJuShi University opens


The five mountains will never leave for a hundred battles before reading | The EMBA 2020 class of TianJuShi University opens

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Opening remarks


After returning from the hundred battles, I will study again, put aside the papers on my desk, put down my titles, come from three mountains and five mountains together, and take the initiative to rebuild myself, so as to achieve a better self. The changes and breakthroughs we are looking forward to are happening

——a few words on the topic

On May 22-23, EMBA 2020 class of TianJuShi University officially opened, and the two-day course was successfully concluded. In 2020, 16 middle and senior managers and high potential talents from all projects and departments of the group will be enrolled. Liu Song, vice chairman of the group, and Zhang XinQiao, director, Secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the group, are respectively the course lecturers of "organizational behavior and leadership art of Chinese enterprises" and "human resources and communication management". In the two-day course, they jointly discuss how to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises, so as to promote the sustainable development of enterprises in the future work.


On May 22, the opening ceremony of 2020 EMBA program of TianJuShi University was held in 2416 training room of the group. Ma Zhimin, vice president of the group and master of Business Administration of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech. He pointed out that since its establishment in 1998, TianJuShi Group has been able to overcome all difficulties and cut through all thorns, and has taken a firm foothold in the fierce market competition in waves and sands, and has made remarkable achievements today. All of these come from the power and vitality of the healthy and upward development of the organization, which is closely related to the vitality and the learning organization construction that the group has always adhered to. I hope that you can have the perseverance of thinking, look at problems from multiple perspectives, dare to explore the truth, and dare to change yourself. I also hope that you can combine the knowledge learned in the classroom with your work and management practice, and test the truth with practice, so that you can really learn and use it. With bursts of applause, the 2020 EMBA program of TianJuShi University was officially launched.


Whether the leadership ability of an enterprise is outstanding and whether the organizational behavior can satisfy the public is the key and "ballast stone" for the development of an enterprise. On May 22, in order to better improve the leadership ability of middle-level managers in enterprises, Liu Song, vice chairman of TianJuShi Group and master of Peking University, delivered the course of "organizational behavior and leadership art of Chinese enterprises". Starting from the basic concept of organizational behavior, the course analyzes the specific influence scope and types of individual behavior, group behavior and organizational behavior on the organization. Starting from the eternal theme of internal integration, inheritance and external adaptation, the course shares the essence of the organization and puts forward how to deal with relevant problems through organizational behavior; in the organization and the leadership This paper systematically narrates the five organizational elements of the goal, personnel, structure, culture and development and transformation of the organization, and shares how to select and employ people through the way of selecting people based on the values of tianzhushi group, combined with Maslow's demand theory and "Big Five" personality model; from the differences of Chinese and Western cultures and the differences of management company concept to the leaders and managers of the enterprise In the aspect of judgment and decision-making, it introduces the decision-making process and decision-making model, and through the common judgment traps such as anchor trap, current situation trap, sunk cost trap, confirmatory trap, frame trap, estimation and prediction trap, combined with "refrigerator example" , project marketing and other specific examples are analyzed to point out how to make the right decision; in terms of team and communication, from the definition of team, advantages and disadvantages, how to promote the wisdom of team, etc., how to play the team's power is described in many aspects. In terms of communication, through the case discussion of "air collision accident between Russian 154 airliner and American Boeing 757 cargo plane" and "Luo" The specific content of Burt's rules of procedure explains how to improve the effectiveness of communication. Curriculum theory is connected with practice, easy to understand but also thought-provoking.


The future development prospect of the group lies in the importance and excavation of talents. In the new era, how talents guide and stimulate their potential, the communication mode and ability are the most important. On May 23, Zhang Xinqiao, the group's director, vice president, master of Peking University, and Ph.D. at City University of Hong Kong, shared the course human resources and communication management. Zhang Xinqiao said that what human resource management is and what should be done is not only the problem that human resource management practitioners should make clear, but also the problem that every enterprise manager must make clear, and the basic cognition that CEOs should have on human resources. Starting from the basic concept and development process of human resources, the course introduces the six modules and strategic human resources management of human resources management, and analyzes how managers combine the company's development strategy with the three pillar model of Huawei to do well in hrbp, SSC and Coe, etc.; from the aspect of human resource management and innovative organization construction, combined with Lenovo, apple, Ge, Google, etc Definition and quality requirements, analysis of the talent standards of the times, analysis of talent training and use from the five level manager system, and how to create a suitable development environment and corporate culture for talents, how to create innovative organizations, etc.; from the perspective of HR management philosophy, analysis of human cognitive bias, identification of dark personality, identification of excellent employees, etc., and share how we Respect the law, respect the human nature, so as to build a healthy organization; from the aspect of communication management, combined with three different leadership styles, i.e. charismatic leadership, change leadership and vision leadership, I analyzed the communication key points and communication skills respectively, and combined with the actual cases, I carried out on-site simulation, so that the students could experience different EMBA classes and better integrate theory with practice. The whole course was carried out in a tense, happy and warm interaction. In the course, the students combined with the review materials before class, such as the way of HR management of Xiaomi, the performance doctrine destroyed Sony, Google's innovative management mode, Desheng foreign building: noble growth, disputes caused by disguised layoffs, brain damage caused by rights, and the black school of mediocre organizations, etc., carried out a fierce review Discussion.


As a representative of the DBA & EMBA Alumni Association of the group, Liu JinTao, director, executive vice president of the group and doctor of Business Administration of City University of Hong Kong, conducted learning and sharing. He uses a small story of "summer insects can't speak ice", which leads to our own cognitive defects. Only through continuous efforts and continuous learning, can we improve our ideological cognition and broaden the width and depth of personal thinking. It is said that everyone's world is a circle. Learning is a radius. The larger the radius, the wider the world we have. If you are strong enough, you will not put happiness on others. You will create happiness yourself or bring happiness to others. And the way to become powerful is to learn, that is, to read, to learn everything, to read whatever you want to read.

The two-day course learning and exchange are substantial and tense. In addition to the study, the EMBA academic affairs group of tianzhushi University organized the class committee campaign, divided the learning groups and formulated the relevant management and learning requirements. In the follow-up courses, the learning groups will share the theme. Experienced students have learned a lot about modern enterprise management through the first sharing of EMBA courses. In the next two years, the university will combine the EMBA curriculum development series of famous universities at home and abroad to teach more abundant relevant knowledge and views. I believe that they will be able to learn, learn, and use in their future work. The butterfly of thought has already happened, and the fruits of harvest are waiting for them to pick up.


Class 2020 of EMBA of tianzhushi University














With the purpose of training "generals" and building a platform for learning, communication and exchange, TianJuShi EMBA provides middle and senior managers and high potential talents with certain management practice experience with modern management knowledge and suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise. Through knowledge learning, discussion and exchange, TianJuShi EMBA can become an outstanding leader who can promote the development of the enterprise Of. There are 8 modules in the course, and the lecturer is composed of internal senior managers and external lecturers of the group, who obtain the graduation certificate in the form of credit accumulation and assess the trainees in the form of thesis defense.

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