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[Key Points] Huiju | Wu YaFeng: sharing and Discussion on the design concept of Pharmaceutical Engineering


[Key Points] Huiju | Wu YaFeng: sharing and Discussion on the design concept of Pharmaceutical Engineering

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On May 21, the 9th online seminar of "know the time online" of TianJuShi Group was successfully held. At the meeting, Wu Yafeng, a well-known domestic expert in pharmaceutical and chemical design, a national excellent master in engineering investigation and design, and the chief designer of TianJuShi Group, was invited to introduce the current situation and development of pharmaceutical industry, the industry positioning of pharmaceutical engineering design, the design procedures and relevant elements of pharmaceutical engineering, with the theme of "sharing and discussion of pharmaceutical engineering design concept", and the pharmaceutical engineering was mainly introduced The common problems in the design make the personnel in the pharmaceutical industry have a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical engineering design.


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Point 1 how should pharmaceutical engineering design be positioned in the industry?

Medical engineering design is the soul of engineering, which plays a decisive role in the advanced and competitive ability of products, and also affects the investment, quality and progress of a project to a large extent.

Pharmaceutical engineering design can provide customized design services according to the investment scale, construction environment and special custom needs of the owner;

The design of medical engineering should not only be based on the standard, but also not on the standard of mechanical use;


Point 2 what are the common problems in pharmaceutical engineering design?

Frequent modification of design scheme

Design progress is often delayed

Owners often report dissatisfaction

In order to catch up with the construction period, the details in the construction are rough

During the construction process, there are numerous temporary changes on site

Design defects, construction defects, rectification costs a lot of money


Point 3 how to make excellent pharmaceutical engineering design?

There is no distance between the design and the site, the overall layout of the system is considered, the combination of public works and production operation, professional, rigorous and systematic project management is the basis for making excellent design;

To do a good job of excellent design, we need to establish a sense of service for the project, communicate with customers seamlessly, and provide services beyond expectations.


"Know the time online" is a series of online excellent sharing courses sincerely produced by TianJuShi Group. Each session focuses on different hot issues, shares content closely related to pharmaceutical and environmental protection projects, and invites industry leaders to talk with you about the new future of the industry online. More exciting courses, or technical consultation, welcome to pay attention to TianJuShi micro assistant.