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Expert Moment | Qiu JiFu was invited to lecture on pharmaceutical HVAC design for more than 70 pharmaceutical enterprises


Expert Moment | Qiu JiFu was invited to lecture on pharmaceutical HVAC design for more than 70 pharmaceutical enterprises

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From May 21 to 22, Qiu JiFu, chief engineer of Shanghai Design and Research Institute of TianJuShi Group, was invited to attend the "pharmaceutical technology special field" online training conference hosted by Feitian education group, and as an expert in pharmaceutical HVAC design in the industry, he taught and trained more than 70 pharmaceutical factory personnel.

This training is based on the theme of "HVAC design and energy saving of clean workshop in pharmaceutical industry". It is systematically elaborated from four parts: HVAC design basis, HVAC system design, energy saving measures, and new technology discussion. Combined with practical work experience, case analysis is carried out to help employees of pharmaceutical enterprises better understand the high standard design requirements, and better select suitable for their own enterprises Practical energy saving measures and Bim and other new technologies.

For pharmaceutical industry clean workshop, HVAC system is of great significance to the creation of its working environment. How to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical production, improve its reliability, how to save energy and reduce consumption are the problems that pharmaceutical factories must face and solve. According to Qiu JiFu, pharmaceutical enterprises can adopt energy-saving technical measures such as natural refrigeration in winter, natural air conditioning in transition season, secondary return air system, new / exhaust heat recovery system, heat pipe technology, solution humidity control technology, cold and hot water combined supply system, etc. based on their own conditions, tianzhushi group has many classic cases in this regard, relying on EPC design concept in the design of medical heating and ventilation, The scheme is mature, practical and feasible, and constantly optimizes and innovates technology, leading the industry.

After the training, the participants of pharmaceutical companies said that the content of the course was in line with the actual situation of pharmaceutical companies, which had a strong guiding significance for the implementation of the project in the future and reaped a lot. At this stage, the pharmaceutical industry has ushered in a new spring. Many details of the industry technology need to be studied in depth, and the technological progress and innovation need to be bravely tried. In the future, TianJuShi will also carefully prepare a series of medical engineering courses, continue to export technical dry goods, and provide high-quality technical services and help to pharmaceutical enterprises to the maximum extent, taking exceeding customer expectations as the criterion.

Founded in 2006, Feitian Education Group focuses on professional technical training in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device field. Every year, nearly 30000 trainees are trained to provide technical services for 4000 enterprises and win a good reputation in the industry. Since 2018, it has shared the expert team with the pharmaceutical technology special committee of China Pharmaceutical Education Association.