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Cheng Song was invited to attend the 14th five year plan proposal seminar of Shanghai clean high tech industry


Cheng Song was invited to attend the 14th five year plan proposal seminar of Shanghai clean high tech industry

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On the afternoon of May 20, Shanghai indoor environment purification industry association, together with Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, Huaxia Research Institute, productive service industry promotion association and some production enterprises, held the 14th five year plan proposal discussion meeting of Shanghai clean high technology industry. As a development focus in the field of medicine and environmental protection,TianJunShi Group. Mr. Cheng Song, head of marketing department, was invited to attend the meeting and made relevant analysis and report. More than 20 participants put forward constructive suggestions on the compilation of planning suggestions on the existing problems in the industry, and made in-depth analysis and Discussion on the current situation, existing problems and development bottlenecks of clean high-tech industry.

Cheng song (third row, third right) and the delegates

At the meeting, Cheng Song, head of marketing department of TianJuShi Group, introduced the development process of TianJuShi Group, its achievements and achievements in the fields of medicine and environmental protection to relevant leaders and industry colleagues of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission and the association. At the same time, based on the actual situation of the enterprise, this paper analyzes and reports the current situation and future prospects of the clean high-tech industry, a new production and service industry in the biomedical industry. He pointed out that from the perspective of national economy, the pharmaceutical industry, especially after the new crown epidemic, is the first industry to recover, leading the pace and quality of the industry development in most manufacturing industries, which is of great significance for China's economy to get out of the epidemic trough. The demand for clean medicine industry is natural. The promotion and development of clean medicine industry will also feed the supply side reform of medicine industry, and will bring practical guarantee to the clean and controlled environment of medicine. Therefore, it is urgent to plan the clean industry as a complete industry, and it needs the joint efforts of industry practitioners.

As a general contractor dedicated to providing customers with one-stop service and integrated solutions, TianJuShi Group believes that with the strong support of the economic and Information Commission and the association, the clean industry will be promoted to a new height in the future, and a complete and high-quality industrial chain will be built to serve the economic strategy of Shanghai and promote the sustainable development of high-tech industry in Shanghai.

The purpose of this meeting is to better play the supporting role of Shanghai clean high-tech industry in high-end manufacturing industry. At the same time, technological innovation and development are the engine of industry progress. To accelerate transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency, and effectively improve the core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity of manufacturing industry are the principles and objectives of "made in China 2025".