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All the days when engineering technology group was founded in 1998 August, is a national high-tech enterprises, with Academician workstation, group technology center by the provincial enterprise technology center found.
Have a group of pharmaceutical engineering design, environmental engineering design, mechanical and electrical installation engineering construction contracting, construction of power engineering general contracting, construction of housing construction general contracting a number of qualifications, have both biological engineering research institute, Hebei days both pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering Design Co. Ltd., Hebei days both environmental technology Co. Ltd., Hebei days both Automation Technology Co. Ltd., Hebei days both clean technology Co. Ltd., all day and day when debugging Group Engineering Company both group engineering company and many other technology companies, constituted from R & D and technical level, through the engineering design and construction, the final completion of the verification, the production of upstream and downstream, full range, the integration of pharmaceutical project to build a high level service platform.