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Tianjushi Science and Technology Committee

Tianjushi Science and Technology Committee Introduction

Tianjushi Science and Technology Committee Introduction

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Tianjushi Technology Committee is an associated organization consisting of famous experts and scholars in biology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment , metallurgy and other fields at home and abroad as well as outstanding technicians of Tianjushi Group. It is the highest administration establishment of scientific and technological innovation in Tianjushi Group. 

Tianjushi Technology Committee is mainly established to meet the urgent needs of numerous pharmaceutical chemical enterprises , metallurgy for edge-cutting scientific technology and high-end expert team, build a communication interaction platform, information technology consulting platform and professional solution service platform for many technological workers in this field and boost integrating the latest research achievements of famous inside experts with rich practical experience of scientific research elites in the enterprise. In addition, the scientific technology of Tianjushi Group will be promoted to step on a new stage on the whole.

The business scope of Tianjushi Technology Committee mainly includes: organizing transverse exchange of technical, academic, achievement and management experience of the experts, scholars and technological workers in pharmaceutical chemical industry and metallurgy industry, providing such services as information, technology, talents, training and other aspects to relevant manufacturers, studying and exploring theoretical and practical problems in technological innovation of the enterprise, holding seminars of all types and levels, offering reports and suggestions for the enterprise to develop strategy, conduct direction and approval of major technological project in Tianjushi Group and implementing identification and acceptance of major scientific and technological achievements of Tianjushi Group.  

The science and technology is the first productivity, and the scientific and technical workers are mainstays in industrial development. As the economic development increasingly conflicts with resource environment nowadays, we have the reason to believe that Tianjushi Technology Committee will play a full role in technology leading and innovation driving, provide solid technical support for enterprise transformation and upgrading and become a powerful engine for the sustainable development of this industry.