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Shanghai Design and Research Institute

Shanghai Design and Research Institute

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Tianjushi Group Shanghai Design and Research Institute always adheres to the concept that "quality comes from design". Deep cultivation of biological drugs, chemical preparations, traditional Chinese medicine, medical devices and other medical subdivisions, it can provide customers with comprehensive solutions for professional consultation, design, engineering optimization and GMP consultation.  We are committed to providing Chinese pharmaceutical companies with top pharmaceutical factory facilities that meet the requirements of the latest regulatory regulations and industry guidelines.


The design team has rich design experience, and its main members have more than 30 years of project design experience. The team designers not only have many years of working experience in the major domestic pharmaceutical design institutes (Sinopec Shanghai Engineering Co., Ltd), but also have many years of experience in internationally renowned engineering companies (such as Foster Wheeler and Jacob).

Members of the design team have a global design vision and participate in and lead nearly 100 pharmaceutical factory facilities that meet the requirements of China's new GMP, FDA and EMA. It has many years of experience in cooperation with international engineering companies, adopts a management mode in line with international engineering projects, and has global technical resources support.

We have insight into the customer's needs and know about the factory process. From the initial design stage of the project, we have strictly followed the requirements of cGMP. During the implementation process, we have always complied with the URS of the customer and accompanied with the verification service of the whole life cycle of the project.

With the vigorous development of domestic biological agents, we have successfully implemented a number of projects in high-activity, macromolecular biological drugs, especially in the field of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, insulin, cell therapy, oncolytic viruses and other new biological agents with industry representative cases.

We have always firmly believed that China's pharmaceutical factory project will be a model in the world pharmaceutical industry in the future. We will help our customers to continuously build milestone projects with professional design ability, proficient process understanding and rich project experience.