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Company Profile

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Founded in August 1998, Tianjushi Group is a large-scale medical, environmental and metallurgy project construction general service contractor. Main business includes Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment, Engineering Design, Automation, Engineering Construction, Purification Engineering, Commissioning and Maintenance, which are parallel to each other and seamless connection. 

As the early practitioner of EPC in China, Tianjushi Group has been committed to providing one-stop service and integrated solution to the customers for a long time, depended on development experience of many years and accumulative technology and talents advantage, created a continuous industry chain integrating “project design-procurement-construction-training-trial production-maintenance”and gradually formed distinctive technical EPC model of which the technology run through the whole process, namely, the EPC model.

With its advantages and general contracting experience for years, Tianjushi  Group will  provide the engineering services which penetrate  all links such as engineering design, equipment selection, technical support, engineering construction, automation control, personnel training, linkage trial run, trial production guidance and documentation and are diversified in forms, offer advanced project products and latest production technology support and achieve the complete control of the whole project. Therefore, EPC model of Tianjushi Group, with “customer requirements” as service tenet and “product technology” as engineering core, provides distinctive the complete process service including technology, engineering and product on the basis of “turnkey” model and finally deliver an engineering project which surpasses customer’s expectation, namely, “Tianjushi delivery”.