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Tan Tianwei

Biochemical expert, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He graduated from Chemical Industry Department of Tsinghua University in 1986. He got his doctorate from Tsinghua University in 1993. Now he is a professor and the president of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

He mainly engaged in biochemical research, conducted a lot of research on lipase and enzyme-catalyzed synthetic chemicals, and realized the production of lipase for organic synthesis and the application of enzyme-catalyzed industrial catalysis. A new method of fermentation amplification based on marker metabolite control was established and used in the industrial production of yeast fermentation products. A new industrial application process for comprehensive utilization of fermentation waste mycelium was developed by him. He has won more than 30 invention patents at home and abroad, published more than 200 papers in SCI and more than 200 in EI. He won two second prizes for national technological inventions and four first prizes for provincial and ministerial scientific and technological progress (the first finisher). He won the Heliang Heli Science and Technology Innovation Award, Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award, YABEC Award for Outstanding Contribution to Asian Youth Biotechnology, and etc. He is titled the national teaching masters and has trained more than 100 doctoral and master graduate students.


Rose Amal

Academician of the Australian Academy of Science and Technology Engineering, Scientia Professor of Science of the University of New South Wales(UNSW), and the highest honor of the Australian National Science and Technology Bureau, namely, ARC Laureate Fellow.

Research fields: basic chemistry research, applied chemical engineering research, material science research, photochemical nanomaterial research and other technical fields. At present, the focus of research is to design and develop nanomaterials that can convert solar energy into chemical energy, mainly including nanomaterials that purify water and air by photocatalysis, ultra-low temperature solar catalysts, and solar catalytic conversion systems.

Achievements: successfully attracted US $ 25 million in research funds from the Australian Research Council and its cooperative enterprises for the University of New South Wales in Australia (Australian Research Council Center for Excellent Nanomaterials, Australian Research Council Academic Awards, 6 Australian Research Council Science Discovery Funds, 9 Australian Research Council Industrialization Funds, 8 Australian Research Council Donations, 3 Australian Research Council International Funds). By September 2016, more than 290 papers had been published, with a total citation of 10,900 times and a high citation index of 58.

She was named Australia's 100 most influential engineers between 2012-2015, Exxon Mobil Award (2012), Judy Rapper Award (2012), UNSW Science and Engineering Award (2011), UNSW Science Professor in Australia (2009), Frishers Award (2008) and UNSW Excellent Research Supervision Award in Australia (2003).


Wang Dawei

A doctorate in Materials Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as a postdoctoral researcher, the University of Queensland, Australia, he currently serves as senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Australia and university scientific researcher of UNSW. He was appointed as UNESCO scientific researcher in November 2017.

His research fields include photocatalysis technology, particle catalysis, and new energy storage materials. He is committed to exploring new two-dimensional materials. As project leader, he has obtained more than A$ 3 million as government and enterprise research funding. He wrote two chapters of the book and published more than 100 papers on famous journals like Environment and Energy, Chemistry and Nanoscience. The papers are with a total of 12900 citations and a high citation index of 40.He possesses 8 granted patents (with two of them are international patents), as well as over 20 invitations of keynote reports.

He has won the“Foundation Research Excellence Award”of the University of Queensland in 2012,“the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year in Engineering and Technology”of Australia in 2013, and“Scientific Investigation Award of the United States”etc.


Zhang Silliang

Zhang Siliang is a professor and a doctoral supervisor in EAST CHINA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, director of National Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology (Shanghai), and a senior expert of the national fermentation engineering. He had served successively as the deputy director of the National Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering, Director of the Biochemical Engineering Research Institute and Assistant Dean of the School of Biotechnology. He is concurrently the Executive Director of Chinese Society of Biotechnology, Member of Model and Control Branch of Chinese Society for Microbiology, and Member of SHANGHAI SOCIETY OF MICROBIOLOGY.

He has been studying on microbial reaction and fermentation engineering for a long time, and made major breakthroughs on the studies of the national major fermented products (for example: penicillin, erythromycin, cephalosporin C, inosine and guanosine, etc.) of large scale. He put forward multi-scale optimization methods of microorganism, invented devices that are specially used for optimization and enlarged study of biological reaction process. He went deep into many research works on the large-scale cultivation of animal and plant cells, enzyme catalysis of chiral compounds and marine biochemical engineering, etc.

From 1997 till now, he won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress for four times, and won the provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards for more than ten times, and made great contribution for the technological progress of many national industries like biological medicine. He has compiled Detection and Controlling of Biochemical Engineering Parameters, Introduction to Fermentation Engineering Control, Principle, Use and Maintenance of the Measurement and Control of PH Dissolved Oxygen in Fermentation Process, and published more than 80 academic papers like “Technical Study on Multilevel Problems in Fermentation Process and the Bioreactor Device”.


Jerry Y.Jin

He graduated from the University of Tennessee and acquired a doctor’s degree in geology. Senior U.S. geological hydrologist, CEO of Texas Gemstone Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., innovation talent of Hebei province science and technology SMEs. He is committed to creating and maintaining a beautiful and sustainable ecological environment through environmental protection and environmental restoration.

Over 20 years of engineering service, he has completed hundreds of project planning, feasibility study report and environmental assessment and repair plan report. He led the establishment of San Antonio Chinese Chamber of Commerce and San Antonio Chinese Professional Association, and served as a bridge for cultural and commercial exchanges between China and the United States. Dr. Jin creates a set of methods to find the main pollution sources of waste water and soil pollutants in the wastewater treatment and soil restoration project, MrDSC (Mass Removal and Dynamic Source Characterization), which has been used successfully in many U.S. air and army bases.

He has successively published 16 academic passages and reports on domestic and foreign publications, and has done 125 reports for Former Kelly air force base, former carachuca air force base, Lackland, Randolph, Kirtland, Brooks, Scott air force base, Ft Bliss, Fort Huachuca army base, energy department Pantex base.


Zhu Zhonghua

Ph. D. in chemical engineering, University of Queensland, Australia, tenured professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Queensland, Australia, ARC-Future Fellow (2013-2016), Australian National Fund Committee.

With the research field mainly relating to functional nanomaterials, advanced carbon catalytic materials preparation and application technology and other leading technology direction, he is comprehensive international high-level professional personnel integrating nano-theoretical research and industrial technology development. He has charged a total of more than 20 Australian National Science Committee projects, with a total funding of more than $18 million. He had published more than 220 papers in famous journals such as Nature Communication (IF 12.1), Angewandte Chemie International Edition (IF 12.0), Energy & Environmental Science (IF 25.43) and Advanced Materials (IF 19.79) and 9 volumes (chapters) of treatise. He won 7 prizes of Industrial Chemistry Award of the Royal Association Chemical Institute, and gets 6 American and global patents.


Yao Hong

Professor in the Institute of Municipal and Environmental Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, doctoral supervisor, doctor in the School of Municipal and Environmental Engineering and learn after academician Li Guibai. She now serves as director of Beijing Jiaotong University Branch Center of International Joint Research Center for Toxic and Harmful Substances, deputy director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Environmental Behavior and Control Technology of Organic Pollutants in Water, secretary and deputy director of Department of Municipal Environment of Beijing Jiao Tong university, director of international subjects of BJTU-LU.

Her main research direction is new technology and mechanism treatment of industrial wastewater with high ammonia nitrogen and environmental behavior and degradation mechanism of characteristic pollutants in urbanization process. She is responsible for applying for and undertaking 3 sub-projects of national major water projects, 2 national natural resources funds, 3 provincial and ministerial-level major expert funds, and 1 major project in Beijing. The project funds amount to more than 10 million yuan.

She has published 50 papers, more than 30 of which are included by SCI and EI. Among them, she published 4 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author. She has applied 22 patents for invention, among which 15 have been authorized, 4 have been transferred, 1 was awarded the first prize of science and technology progress award of ministry of construction in 2008, and 1 was awarded the second prize of national science and technology progress award in 2009.

The anaerobic ammonia-nitrogen oxidation technology and advanced oxidation technology that she studied have been applied to the pilot test of starch, chemical, dairy, rare earth wastewater treatment and other practical waste water treatment and demonstration application, which makes it difficult to degrade the high ammonia nitrogen industry waste water to make an important industrial contribution to energy conservation and consumption reduction.


Liu Qingfen

Research fellow of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor, registered licensed pharmacist.

She obtained her master's degree from Xi’an Institute of Modern Chemistry in 1991, and her doctor's degree from the institute of process engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2006. From 1991 to 2007, she worked as senior engineer and workshop director in North China Pharmaceutical Industry engaging in research and development of green separation technology, industrialization of new technology and production management. In 2008, she joined the institute of process engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Her research direction is green reaction and separation engineering, focusing on the efficient biological transformation, enzymatic catalytic reaction and green separation process of API manufacturing, as well as the technology of resource utilization and harmless treatment of pharmaceutical waste. She was in charge of the national science and technology major project “Technology Integration and Engineering Demonstration of Whole-Process Water Pollution Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, has presided over and undertaken a number of national and provincial science and technology projects, including the national natural science foundation. As the first manager, she won one provincial and ministerial science and technology progress award. She has more than 20 patents and published more than 40 academic papers.


Li Chunli

He is the professor, doctoral supervisor, doctor of engineering and academic leader of Chemical engineering in Hebei University of Technology, national model teachers, special allowance experts of the State Council, leading talents of Hebei Giant Team, high-end talents of Hebei Province, innovative and entrepreneurial talents of Tianjin City, counselor of Hebei Provincial Government, standing committee of Hebei Association for Science and Technology, and member of Hebei CPPCC.

He is mainly engaged in research and development of high-efficiency mass transfer equipment, separation and purification technology, reaction separation integration technology, chemical process system engineering, energy conservation and emission reduction, and etc. A series of technical achievements conducted by him have been widely used in projects such as digging, reconstruction, energy conservation and environmental protection of petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Over the past 20 years, more than 3500 sets of equipment of the technical achievements have been used in large and medium-sized enterprises in 30 provinces and cities in China, India, Cuba and other countries, effectively solving the bottleneck problem in production and greatly promoting the upgrading of enterprise product quality. In recent years, the economic benefits created for enterprises have exceeded RMB 15 billion.

As the project leader, he has successively completed over 120 projects including the major national scientific and technological research program, the development projects of the western region of the country and other scientific research projects. He has led the research group to research and develop ‘new three-dimensional mass transfer tray technology and its application in chemical industry’, ‘chemical process integration and energy comprehensive utilization technology’ and other scientific achievements. As the first finisher, he successively won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province, the first prize for scientific and technological progress in Tianjin City, the prize for outstanding contribution to science and technology in Hebei Province, the second prize for national scientific and technological progress, the first prize for technological invention in Hebei Province and the Hou Debang Prize for achievement in chemical technology. He applied for more than 60 invention patents with 28 patents granted, and published over 150 papers, of which nearly 50 have been retrieved by SCI/EI.


Liu Qingling

Research fellow and doctoral supervisor of School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tianjin University, deputy director of Tianjin Key Laboratory of Indoor Air Environment Control, selected as “ Tianjin Youth Thousand Talents Program”. Graduated from Dalian University of Technology, doctor degree.

He mainly works on new adsorbent and catalyst materials in the field of air pollution control. He has participated in research projects funded by Swedish council fund, Jonhson Matthey and the US department of energy, and presided over a number of research work including the ministry of science and technology 973, national natural science foundation and Tianjin natural science foundation. The invention patent of "Carbon Dioxide Separation and Capture Porous Adsorption Material" won the gold prize of China International Patent Technology & Product Trade Fair. Published more than 20 papers in international well-known magazines.


Qu Yixin

Professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of Chemical and Engineering Society of China, Chairman of Chemical Engineering Professional Committee, Chairman of High-tech Research Institute of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Deputy Director of Editorial Board of Modern Chemical Industry, Editorial Board of Petroleum and Chemical Equipment, and Member of the Third Expert Evaluation Committee of Environmental Management of Chemical Substances of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China. He went to the chemistry department of Nebraska University in the United States twice in 1997 and 1999 to work as a visiting scholar.

He has been engaged in chemical process simulation and development and separation engineering for many years. He presided over one program of National Natural Science Youth Fund and 863 subprojects and two programs of 973 subprojects respectively, and assumed one of 863 subprojects and several national natural science funds as the main undertaker. He has successively undertaken more than 100 projects of SINOPEC and North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., such as Recovery of Dimethylformamide in Dry Acrylic Fiber Production, Design of Aromatic Tower Separation System, Development of Solvent Recovery System, Development of New Pilot-Scale Technology for Extraction, Degassing and Decolorization of Cracked Liquid and Toluene Pickling, Optimization of 7-ADCA Cracking Technology, Treatment and Unit Simulation of Process Wastewater in Polyester, Research on Cyclohexane Oxidation Reaction and Design of Components in Kettle. At present, there are more than 200 towers designed and debugged in domestic petrochemical, chemical fiber and pharmaceutical projects, including rectification tower, extraction tower and absorption tower. He has more than 10 individual patents, published more than 200 papers in core journals at home and abroad, and published one textbook.

He won the second prize of ‘National Science and Technology Progress Award’ in 2005. In 2011, he won the first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress issued by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. In 2002, he won the first prize in the basic category of the Beijing Science and Technology Award and the second prize in the Science and Education Reform in Beijing. He won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Hebei Province in 2005.


Xing Shubin

Vice President of Hebei Environmental Science Research Institute, Deputy Director of Pharmaceutical Wastewater Pollution Control Engineering Center of National Environmental Protection and Senior Engineer.

He has long been engaged in research on environmental protection policies and standards, assessment and demonstration of feasible technologies for pollution prevention and control, and is a member of the expert database for revising the national environmental standards system. He presided over the formulation of national or environmental industry standards such as Technology Policy of Pollution Control in Pharmaceutical Industry and Water Pollutant Emission Standard for Pharmaceutical Industry as well as Hebei provincial local standard Emission and Control Standard for Volatile Organic Compounds in Industrial Enterprises, and is also presiding over the formulation of Technical Guide for Feasible Pollution Prevention and Control in Pharmaceutical Industry. He has undertaken and completed major research projects such as the national water special project, Assessment and Demonstration of Pollution Prevention Technologies for Chemical Synthesis, Fermentation and Preparations and the national science and technology support plan Optimization and Demonstration of Air Pollution Prevention Technologies for Key Industries in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region. 

He won four provincial and ministerial level science and technology progress awards, and the title of China Environmental Science Youth Science and Technology Award and Top Ten Academic Leaders in Hebei's environmental protection system.


Guo Bin

He served as the Vice Leader of Expert Advisory Committee of Hebei Atmospheric Pollution Prevention, Vice President of Hebei Environmental Science Society, an expert of atmospheric pollution prevention expert group in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding areas, Director of Research and Promotion Center of Hebei Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Technique, and Standing Chairperson of Atmosphere Branch of Chinese Society for Environmental Science.

He worked on the teaching and scientific research work of environmental engineering discipline for long term, and was the main academic foregoer of provincial key disciplines. The main research directions are air pollution control engineering, waste treatment and recycling, cleaner production and environmental and biological friendly materials. He presided over the establishment of Research and Promotion Center of Hebei Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Technique, took charge of completing many national and provincial achievements, and several achievements gained good economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits.

He won 3 Second Prizes of Hebei Science and Technology Progress and 6 Third Prizes. And 9 Practical New Type and Patent for Invention of the People's Republic of China were gained. More than one hundred papers were published on journals at home and abroad, and 6 teaching materials (monographs) were published in recent years, which had certain influence in this industry.


Zhang Daoxin

He has been long engaged in the pharmaceutical industry of Beijing technical reform, environmental management, pollution control, pollution relocation, review of construction project environmental impact assessment report, environmental protection“Three Simultaneity”review management, pharmaceutical corporation in Beijing and the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau environmental management for the pharmaceutical industry and won the prize of excellent of the national pharmaceutical industry environmental management.

He participated in the preparation of Guidelines for the Review of Cleaner Production in the Pharmaceutical (Chemical API) Industry of SEPA-Tao’s chemical cleaning production demonstration cooperation project and served as deputy editor. He hosted the first research and development of pollutant discharge coefficient in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (pharmaceutical raw materials for chemical drugs, pharmaceutical preparations for chemical drugs, Chinese medicine decoction tablets, Chinese patent medicine, veterinary medicine, biological medicine and sanitary materials) and the consulting work of the national survey of pollution sources in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

He participated in the research on the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry conducting by Ministry of Environmental Protection's Policy and Regulations Department, a number of environmental protection, energy and water conservation, clean production standards research work of Beijing, national water project (pharmaceutical industry), the emission standard of atmospheric pollutants in the pharmaceutical industry of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, water conservation of the Ministry of Water Resources, and etc.


Wang Yongjun

He served as the Vice Director of Environmental Protection Research Institution of North China pharmaceutical Group Corporation, and he is a famous environmental protection technology expert at home and the master of environmental engineering at Tsinghua University.

As technology principal, he completed about 40 pharmaceutical enterprise waste water treatment technological designs and research projects, which included organizing and completing the design, construction management and commissioning work of“control engineering technology center of national environmental protection pharmaceutical waste water pollution”pilot test base. 9 papers were published and two monographs were coauthored. 

Honors: The paper Culture Technical Exploration on Adopting UASB Technology to Process Antibiotic Wastewater Granule Sludge won the Second Prize of Excellent Papers in the Ninth Annual Meeting of Society for Environmental Sciences of Five Provinces (City Proper) in North China; he attended project Wastewater Test Study of Hydrolysis Acidification-membrane Reactor Process and Pharmacy and won the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hebei in 2005; he acquired title of“one hundred outstanding young engineers”of Shijiazhuang city in 2008; the subject New Technology of Synchronous Removal and Engineering Application  of Carbon, Nitrogen and Sulfur in Organic Waste Water he attended and carried out under cooperation with Harbin Institute of Technology won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2010; the project Application Study for Waste Water of Processing Antibiotics of Circumfluence-type Aerobic Biochemical Pool he presided won the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Shijiazhuang in 2011.


Wang Zejian

Doctor in Biochemistry. Working in east China university of science and technology, he is engaged in the technical research work of industrial microbial species construction, fermentation process optimization, engineering amplification and design. He has participated in a number of national 863 projects, 973 projects and national science and technology support projects, and achieved many scientific and technological research results in the field of industrial biological engineering. His achievement, “new technology of industrial fermentation optimization based on cell physiology and process information processing”, won the second prize of national science and technology progress award and the science and technology achievement award of China institute of production and research in 2012. He has published more than 80 academic papers in domestic and foreign publications, applied for 12 patents, and won 2 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements appraisal.

He has deep theoretical basis and practical experience in metabolic regulation and optimal control of microbial fermentation process. He established an industrial microorganism micrometabolism research system based on 13C isotope labeling experiment design, data statistical calculation and micrometabolic pathway flux analysis. He has a deep research and analysis on fermentation microorganisms intracellular metabolites, the metabolic flux group, macro metabolites group of the aspects, such as academic attainments, has deep theoretical basis and practical experience in metabolic regulation and control system of a biological process and optimization control technology. Especially in the biological process of development and the application of on-line measuring instrument, he made a lot of technology basic principle research, formed a series of fermentation technology and enlarged the common key technologies, which boost the intelligence of a biological process of China's industry and precision control. It has been popularized and applied to many large enterprises and research institutes in China, and achieved good technical promotion effect and economic benefit. He is a member of the Quality Basic Metrology and Standards Committee of the Chinese biotechnology industry, and a member of the Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society.


Chen Zhao

Well-known domestic medical technologist, Hebei Provincial expert, senior expert of China Equipment Expert Library, Senior Engineer, Registered Chemical Engineer.  

He graduated in Chemical Machinery from the Department of Chemical Engineering of HEBEI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY in 1982. In 2002, he graduated in Pharmaceutical Engineering from Tianjin University with Master Degree in Engineering. He once served as Chief Engineer of Huabei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., President of North China Pharmaceutical Industry Design Institute and Director of Technology Center of North China pharmaceutical Group Corporation. 

He once won the Gold Medal and Silver Medal of National Excellent Design, the Third Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of State Education Commission, the Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of State Administration of Medicine, the Third Prize of Hebei Science and Technology Progress, the First, Second and Third Prizes of Hebei Medical Industry Excellent Survey and Design.

Papers include Antibiotics Chemical Process and Equipment, Medical Device Maintenance Specification, Medical Device Good Standard, Pharmaceutical Preparation Machinery, Paper of Medical Device Comprehensive Management, the Application of Field Dynamic Balancing Technology in Maintenance of High-speed Rotating Pharmaceutical Equipment and New Development of Antibiotics Filters and etc.


Tianjushi Technology Committee is an associated organization consisting of famous experts and scholars in biology, pharmaceutical manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment , metallurgy and other fields at home and abroad as well as outstanding technicians of Tianjushi Group. It is the highest administration establishment of scientific and technological innovation in Tianjushi Group. 

Tianjushi Technology Committee is mainly established to meet the urgent needs of numerous pharmaceutical chemical enterprises , metallurgy for edge-cutting scientific technology and high-end expert team, build a communication interaction platform, information technology consulting platform and professional solution service platform for many technological workers in this field and boost integrating the latest research achievements of famous inside experts with rich practical experience of scientific research elites in the enterprise. In addition, the scientific technology of Tianjushi Group will be promoted to step on a new stage on the whole.

The business scope of Tianjushi Technology Committee mainly includes: organizing transverse exchange of technical, academic, achievement and management experience of the experts, scholars and technological workers in pharmaceutical chemical industry and metallurgy industry, providing such services as information, technology, talents, training and other aspects to relevant manufacturers, studying and exploring theoretical and practical problems in technological innovation of the enterprise, holding seminars of all types and levels, offering reports and suggestions for the enterprise to develop strategy, conduct direction and approval of major technological project in Tianjushi Group and implementing identification and acceptance of major scientific and technological achievements of Tianjushi Group.  

The science and technology is the first productivity, and the scientific and technical workers are mainstays in industrial development. As the economic development increasingly conflicts with resource environment nowadays, we have the reason to believe that Tianjushi Technology Committee will play a full role in technology leading and innovation driving, provide solid technical support for enterprise transformation and upgrading and become a powerful engine for the sustainable development of this industry.


Human Resources

Recruitment Information

Wastewater treatment engineer

Number of recruits: 2
Job Title:
Wastewater treatment engineer
Type of work: Full time Gender: Unlimited
Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above Salary range: Negotiable
Years of service: None Work area: Shijiazhuang
Release date: July 01, 2020 Deadline: July 30, 2020
Job Description:
1. 1. Responsible for the construction drawing design, design planpreparation, technical exchange and other preparatory work;
2. Docking design institute, responsible for wastewater treatment project conditions;
3. Responsible for on-site construction services, guide the project operation and debugging.
Ability requirements:

1. 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, etc.

2. Master wastewater treatment technology, can according to the actual needs of customers, optimize the combination of wastewater treatment process unit;

3. Having 3 years or more experience in bidding, design, drawing and debugging of wastewater treatment projects, and familiar with medical wastewater treatment is preferred;

4. Skilled use of office software and CAD software;

5. A strong sense of responsibility, hard-working, good communication and coordination, expression ability, can adapt to travel work.



Process Designer

Number of recruits: 2
Job Title:
Process Designer
Type of work: Full time Gender: Unlimited
Education requirements: Bachelor degree or above from key universities Salary range: Negotiable
Professional requirements: Major in pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, chemical technology, chemical engineering, etc. Work area: Shijiazhuang
Years of service: More than 5years Age requirement: None
Release date: July 01, 2020 Deadline: July 30, 2020
Job Description:
1.Responsible for medical project feasibility study, conceptual design, scheme design, preliminary design, all kinds of special high-level document preparation, construction drawing design;
2. Be responsible for process plan, process flow (PFD), pipeline and instrument flow (PID), process piping design, material statistics, stress analysis, relevant process material balance and energy balance, and be able to propose equipment selection scheme;
3. Be familiar with and master the technological process of the project, submit the technological design scheme and relevant design documents, and propose conditions to the specialties of water supply and drainage, heating and ventilation, electrical, instrumentation, architecture, structure, general layout, etc., and review the technological conformity of the design documents returned by other specialties.
Ability requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above from key universities, major in pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, chemical technology, chemical engineering and other related fields;

2. With at least 5 years of design experience in major pharmaceutical design institutes (such as Wuhan Institute, Chongqing Institute, Shanghai Institute, Nuclear Fourth Institute, etc.);

3. Be familiar with the pharmaceutical process of technology, engineering and other aspects of knowledge, familiar with the production process of equipment, instrument and other aspects of knowledge;

4. With good communication and expression ability, strong sense of responsibility, professionalism;

5. Proficient in using office software such as CAD.Project.Word and Excel and professional application software such as PROII.ASPEN, etc;

6. With EPC project design experience and design-related registration certificate.




Automatic Control Programming and Debugging Engineer

Number of recruits: 4
Job Title:
Automatic Control Programming and Debugging Engineer
Type of work: Full time Gender: Unlimited
Education requirements: Junior college or above Salary range: Negotiable
Years of service: More than 2 years Work area: Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other places
Release date: July 01, 2020 Deadline: July 30, 2020
Job Description:
1.1. Take charge of hardware, software design and on-site debugging of the control system independently in the project;
2. Solve the control problems during installation and debugging;
3. Sales technical support and control plan formulation.
Ability requirements:

1.1. College degree or above, major in automation;

2. At least two years of programming and debugging work experience in pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries. Knowledge of pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries and experience in programming and using DCS, Batch and energy management systems are preferred;

3. Proficiently use mainstream programming software (Siemens, AB, Schneider, etc.), mainstream drawing software CAD, EPLAN and conventional instrument valve selection, and can complete instrument valve selection, control cabinet drawing design, software programming and debugging according to process flow;

4. Be careful, rigorous and orderly in doing things. Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;

5. With  good communication skills,  adapt to travel and overtime.


Tianjushi Group's 2020 Campus Recruitment Notice

I. Object 

This year's 2020 graduates (undergraduate, master, doctor). Environmental engineering, chemical engineering, architecture, civil engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, automation, building environment and equipment engineering, measurement and control technology and instruments, electronic information engineering, safety engineering, logistics management, engineering management, engineering cost, iron and steel metallurgical engineering, accounting, human resources, journalism, auditing, administration and other related majors.

II. Position

III. Work place 

Shijiazhuang, Shanghai, Shandong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing and other places.

IV. Remuneration and benefits

Competitive remuneration

Basic salary+travel subsidy+telephone fee subsidy+birthday gift+holiday welfare+certificate subsidy and other welfare subsidies

Three meals, apartment accommodation

Dining Standard: The company provides three meals a day for employees free of charge. The group's five-star restaurants and all projects are equipped with star chefs. The menu is updated every week to provide delicious meals for employees.

Accommodation conditions: the company rents two rooms and one hall or three rooms and one hall, one room for 1-2 people, complete with air conditioning, heating, washing machine, WIFI, toilet and other facilities for employees free of charge at the group headquarters and around the project.

Humanized leave system

Group managers work from nine to five, enjoy double holidays on legal holidays, do not clock in, and have no mandatory overtime system.Project management personnel often work on a day-to-day basis, ensuring 7-10 days of paid home leave every two months, and the company reimburses all round-trip travel expenses.

Rich and colorful staff activities

The company often organizes a variety of recreational activities such as birthday Party, family members' open day, Women ’s day festival, children's day, annual tour, photo contest, blind date meeting for single employees, spring festival party, basketball match for employees, badminton match, table game, etc. to provide rich and colorful amateur life for employees.

All-round policy guarantee

The company can receive personnel files and party member files, go through employment procedures, declare and enjoy various preferential policies of Shijiazhuang government (Shijiazhuang talent green card), receive various subsidies, and subsequently organize employees to handle training and examination of various qualification certificates and skill certificates.

V.  Application process

Delivery of resumes → Written examination and assessment → Online interview → Professional reexamination → Admission and contract signing

VI. Resume delivery

The electronic resume is attached to the school report card and delivered to mailbox. The email subject is: school+name+applied position

VII. Contact information

Office telephone number: 0311-85118917 1813211224

Company website:

VIII. Company address: 

Headquarters of Tianjushi: Floor 24-26, Block A, Tianshan Science Park, 310 Changjiang Avenue, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Shanghai Design and Research Institute: No. 421, Building T1, SOHO Tianshan Plaza, Ziyun Road, Changning District, Shanghai

We are more wonderful with you. Tianjushi welcomes you!