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Core Management Learning Week

Since its inception, Tianjushi Group has undergone profound changes in production and operation, enterprise management, brand building, and employee growth value.  The fundamental reason is that the group's core management has actively explored and practiced the strategic goal of "basing itself on core business, continuously innovating and developing, and strengthening and enlarging enterprises". Among them, the most representative is that the core management of the group adheres to the collective learning system, making learning work and work innovative, laying a solid ideological and theoretical foundation for the practical development of the group.  Since 2006, during the National Day holiday, the group's core management has concentrated on seven days of closed group study in other places, and has persisted to this day. The members who take part in the collective study every year include not only the group directors and the president's team members, but also the heads of the group's functional departments, the team members of sub-branches and the backbones of grass-roots production and operation. Both those nominated by the board of directors of the group and those recommended by the group leader or the general manager of a subsidiary company are determined by the board of directors after study.  Among them, a considerable proportion of the members come from the front-line project department, and every year new faces appear in group learning.

Each collective learning will greatly promote the core management members of the group to find the right direction, master the rules, practice bravely and innovate boldly.  Through in-depth communication, intense ideological collision, frank criticism and self-criticism, the ideological concept, work style and work way of the core management members of the group will be changed and unified, effectively promoting the rapid development of the group.

As Liu Xiuzhong, chairman of Tianjushi Group, emphasized that there is an internal driving force that drives every manager to learn when Tianjushi is in operation. This internal driving force is the strong belief and lofty goal to make the industry last and grow into a well-known enterprise brand.